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This page includes links and summaries for all the resources – including email and policy templates, insightful articles, and everything else – that can be useful for those looking for solutions and insights in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Remote hiring – all you need to know

Remote Hiring FAQs
How can you structure a remote hiring process? Which software is best for remote hiring? In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find the answers to these – and more – frequently asked questions about hiring in a fully virtual work environment.

Remote Onboarding FAQs
Now that you have a better idea of how virtual hiring works, it’s time to move to remote onboarding tips and tricks. How do you onboard employees virtually in a non-tech-savvy workplace? How do you introduce them to the company culture online? These questions and many others are addressed right here.

Remote hiring tips for recruiters and HR
There are a lot of challenges recruiters and HR professionals come across when first entering the world of remote hiring and onboarding. In this article, you’ll find tips and insights on hiring in a fully remote environment from those who have been doing it for years – collected from a webinar dedicated to the topic of remote hiring.

How to reinvent your tech hiring in a remote-first world
“If your company is fortunate enough to be hiring for software development, you’ll likely find more available and eager talent than ever before – even in a fully remote tech hiring environment.” Coderbyte founder Daniel Borowski shares his insights on successful remote tech hiring, including solutions for effective sourcing and virtual screening.

How to source top software development candidates during and after COVID-19
This unprecedented crisis has shifted the hiring world to a new normal – including in the tech sector. Coderbyte CEO Daniel Borowski shared his tips on highlighting your remote engineering culture to candidates and how to monitor new tech hiring trends as they evolve.

Company survey: What are the best skills for remote work?
What strengths/skills have you acquired/developed while working fully remotely? At Workable we ran an internal survey to find out what our own people thought. We learned that time management and adaptability were the top two skills. Find out the rest.

High-volume hiring: How you can make it work
Learn how video interviews and other digital solutions – for example, onboarding and documentation tools – can help you save time when screening applicants en masse.

How to attract, hire and retain remote employees
Yes, sourcing and hiring remote workers can become challenging, especially if you’re relatively new to this. This tutorial includes best practices to succeed in it; from attracting remote employees to retaining them.

Pros and cons of one-way video interviews for candidate screening
Let’s be straight about it – going fully virtual with the hiring process will run into some bumps along the road. Here, we take a look at the pros and cons of one-way video interviewing – in other words, you send candidates the questions and they respond with recorded answers. However, just because we’re saying there are cons to one-way video interviews doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do them – in fact, it just helps to know what the cons are so you can have greater success with Workable’s video interview feature.

Video interview: Best tips for employers
If you’re new to the idea of video interviews as part of the recruitment process – or just need to brush up on your expertise to set yourself up for success in virtual hiring – this detailed piece will help address everything you need to know and were afraid to ask.

Live video interviews: best practices for interviewers
If you’re not familiar with conducting live video interviews, it’s normal to feel lost in translation – and logistics, too. How will you test your equipment? Will you be able to stay on schedule? This step-by-step guide explains how to prepare for two-way video interviews from scratch, including tips for effective candidate evaluation.

Best video interview tips for candidates
Video interviews may be new territory for you – it’s new to some candidates as well. Put yourself in their shoes; when you receive an invitation for a video interview for the dream job you have applied for, you want to ensure that everything will go without any problems. Read these best video interview practices and prepare to shine.

Video interview red flags: Why they’re not all valid
Are no-shows and poor body language enough to reject a candidate during a video interview? Not necessarily. Read these common video interview red flags and know when they’re valid and when they’re not.

Screening applicants: best methods and handy tips
This essential tutorial on screening applicants may cover all aspects of screening, but it’s the video interview part that you should read up on. Not only does it succinctly explain why video interviews are fantastic assets for recruitment, it also offers quick definitions of one-way and two-way video interviews to help you get a strong understanding of each.

Best practices and tools for a digital workplace

Remote work trailblazer: Insights from SmartBug Media’s CEO
Do you want to learn the ins and outs of remote work? Learn from the experts. SmartBug Media founder Ryan Malone has run a remote-first company since day one. Learn his insights on work-life integration, the critical role resilience plays when working remotely, and more.

Remote Working FAQs
What practices are best for a fully remote working environment? How can you replicate happy hours and social events digitally? Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about remote work in this guide.

Asynchronous communication in the workplace: benefits and best practices
Mastering asynchronous communication is front of mind for remote-first companies to enable colleagues from different places and time zones to collaborate effectively. Learn how to nail it – and why.

How to build a remote work culture from scratch
Wondering how to adapt your current company culture to a remote-first workplace? Don’t worry – we did that research for you and we’ve gathered the best tips to get you started.

COVID-19: 5 short-term digital workplace best practices
Going fully remote is one of the most popular responses companies have for dealing with the spread of COVID-19. This means working almost entirely in a digital environment – whether that means meetings, recruitment, handling finances, notetaking, etc., there’s a digital solution for it. But having an app for everything doesn’t mean that a sudden digital transformation can be easy, especially for some employees. These five digital workplace best practices will help you get on top of those challenges and ensure a smoother transition.

Best tech tools for the virtual workplace
There are loads of digital tools out there to pick from while transitioning to a fully remote workplace. But which ones are the best for your business needs? We’ve pulled together this comprehensive list of useful tools for every business purpose so you can continue to succeed as a business in a virtual environment.

Video Interview Software: Definition and Key Features
This HR Term will help you have a better understanding of the key benefits and features of video interview software – and includes a quick definition of what it is so you can explain to your supervisor what it’s all about and why you need it to succeed in hiring.

What is telecommuting?
Unsure what all this remote work business is all about? We’ve got that covered too – everything you need to know about remote work, also known as telecommuting, is covered in this HR Term.

Digital transformation: how to ensure it won’t fail
Going fully virtually is probably a whole new territory for you. Lots of changes are required and might alter the way you do business altogether. No worries – you can make it work. In this article, you’ll find important change management practices and how you can effectively implement them, even through uncertain times.

COVID-19 business strategies and learnings

The ‘new normal’: the future of hiring, onboarding and working
In this article, you’ll find valuable insights on the future of work and hiring from our webinar “Working, hiring and onboarding in the new normal” – including takeaways for remote work and pre-onboarding from experts – plus more.

Return to a new world of work: Get ready with these 5 insights
What will that “new normal” look like? Well, we are not entirely sure – no one is, really – but there are some great insights and relevant resources out there. We’ve included the majority of them here to help your own business prepare for the new world of work.

The winds of change: return to office in the face of COVID-19
What should you take into consideration when building a post-COVID return-to-office plan? Talent boss David Vinton of Danish energy company Ørsted shares his own experience and actionable insights.

Crisis management in the workplace: the role of HR
The COVID-19 pandemic is putting the onus on HR departments worldwide to go the extra mile in supporting nervous employees and staying up to date with ongoing changes and policies. Workable’s Director of People Operations Katerina Drakouli shares her insights and useful tips on how to effectively respond to these unprecedented circumstances.

Your COVID-19 business continuity plan: Tips from Workable’s COO
Financial crises can be scary, especially if you’re new to this. It’s normal to worry about the future of your business. Workable’s COO Grigoris Kouteris has been there before, in the crash of 2008. In this article, he shares his tips and insights on how to create a business continuity plan to survive and benefit in the long run.

Marketing through uncertainty: 6 tips from a marketing leader
Where should a marketing team focus to continue succeeding through a business or economic crisis? Workable’s SVP Marketing, Doug Ellinger pointed to valuable practices for marketing leaders in times of uncertainty.

COVID-19 business actions: Top 9 things companies are doing
What can you do as a business to get through these hard times? Act? Stay idle? Learn what other companies are doing and adapt their strategies to your own business needs.

Go internal: 7 tips to take advantage of a business slowdown
‘If you don’t go within, you go without’. The current economic crisis is serving up numerous pain points to many businesses. At the same time, it’s offering the opportunity to many business leaders to shift their focus to improving internal operations and processes. This tutorial offers seven tips on how to make the most of your business slowdown.

Business survival planning in a crisis: Lessons from the front lines
How can you survive and make the best of a financial crisis? In this article, you’ll find valuable lessons from business leaders who have been through similar downturns in the past, such as the Great Recession.

Communication with candidates in the midst of COVID-19
No matter what your company’s hiring status is at the moment – in a hiring freeze, in high urgency for certain roles, etc. – it’s crucial to communicate openly with candidates about potential changes in your recruiting intentions as things unfold. In this article, you’ll learn how to tweak your usual candidate outreach based on your current – and rapidly changing – hiring needs.

The importance of business agility during the COVID-19 crisis
How are businesses adapting to employee and customer needs during a crisis? How important is business agility when facing the consequences of a financial downturn? Learn more in this article.

Business community building: We’re all in it together
Leading people through a crisis is challenging; to uphold trust and respect among peers and colleagues, leaders should retain an honest and authentic communication style. Find out how you can support your employees and customers through hard times by nurturing a sense of “business community”.

Best practices for recruiters during a hiring freeze
If recruiters want to stay productive during a hiring freeze, they absolutely can even when not actively recruiting. In this tutorial, you’ll find valuable recruiting projects – apart from sourcing and screening – which can benefit hiring efforts in the future.

Survey: Upskilling and reskilling in 2020
In this survey report, conducted by TalentLMS, Training Journal and Workable, you’ll find interesting findings on reskilling/upskilling training initiatives in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Related policies and templates

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Company Policy Template
Every company is impacted to some degree by the COVID-19 pandemic – and therefore, every company needs a clear, dedicated policy to ensure all employees are on the same page. This COVID-19 company policy template will help you get started.

Work From Home Policy Template
Don’t have a work from home policy or want to update the one you have? This template will help you get started. This comes with a downloadable document that you can alter to your company’s specifications.

Employee Remote Work Policy Template
Remote work and WFH often go hand in hand, but it’s still worth having a clear remote work policy in place for those who may be caught out in another location besides work and home. With border shutdowns and flight bans in place, it’s to be expected that some employees may be working out of hotels or guest locations for a period. This template will help you build out a policy to address this.

Employee temporary layoff policy template
Sadly, many companies are forced to let go of their amazing employees either temporarily or permanently to survive financially. If you’re facing this discomfort, use this temporary layoff/furlough policy template and customize it based on your company needs.

Employee termination letter template
Announcing employee terminations or furloughing is every HR representative’s worst nightmare. To support you, we’ve created these customizable templates; feel free to alter them based on your needs.

Coronavirus COVID-19 email templates from HR to staff
Your colleagues and employees are understandably on edge about the pandemic. So, it’s on you in HR to put together a structured response plan based on the severity of the spread in your region. You can use this series of email templates to get a head start and help your team feel reassured that you and your management have their back.

Working from home tips (WFH) email template
When onboarding remote employees, share work-from-home tips and set company expectations. You can also share those tips with your existing teams as they transition to a fully remote workplace. Send these tips via email or hand out a checklist to help employees remain productive and equipped to continue delivering best results.

Job-related resources in light of COVID-19
Whether you’re an employer with urgent hiring needs or a candidate who has recently lost their job, this article will be useful for you. Here, you can find current job opportunities from our Workable job board, ready-to-use templates for managers to advertise their job openings, and job boards with aggregated ads for the COVID-19 crisis.

Online interview questions template
Online interview questions – do they differ from questions you ask during in person meetings? Well, not a lot, but you can have a more detailed look in this template. Make sure to check red flags, too.

Remote job interview questions
The reality of working in a digital environment as a result of COVID-19 – or any other reason, really – is that your hiring process is increasingly going fully virtual. The plus side is that you can now hire in other locations since you can reach candidates anywhere around the world. But how can you determine when a candidate is a good fit for a remote position and when they’re not? These questions will help you.

Remote employees onboarding checklist
Congratulations – you’ve just made a remote hire. But the work doesn’t stop there. You have to onboard them; once again, a challenge particularly as you and your colleagues may not actually meet that new hire in person right away. This checklist will help you ensure a structured and uniform onboarding when hiring remote employees, to set them up for success in their new role.

Video Interview Invitation Email Template
Now that you’re all set to carry out one-way or two-way video interviews, you need to be able to communicate to candidates in such a way that they’re willing participants in this part of the process. This video interview invitation email template will help you get started on that correspondence.

Skype Interview Invitation Template
If you prefer to conduct video interviews via Skype, you can alternatively use this Skype interview invitation template. Make sure to mention the date and time of the call (based on timezones!) and remember to mention the name(s) of the interviewer(s).

Workable features and updates amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Introducing Video Interviews: The next evolution in remote hiring technology
Our newest Workable feature, Video Interviews, will help you hire at scale with maximum results. This seamlessly integrated tool will boost candidate experience and increase your assessment capabilities. Workable’s VP of Product explained the reasoning behind creating this product and how it can improve your hiring.

One-way Video Interview FAQs for hiring teams
In this article, we’ve gathered your most frequently asked questions about Videos Interviews from our latest webinar titled “One-way video interviews: The new normal”. Workable’s VP of Product Michalis Rikakis and VP of Product Marketing Zoe Morin have kindly addressed your most pressing concerns and we present their answers here.

Take our Video Interview Quiz – and optimize your hiring
Want to learn more about Video Interviews? Start with this fun and engaging quiz. There are no right or wrong answers here; feel free to retake it and learn everything you need to know about this surprisingly useful tool.

Salad and Go – now expanding – screens candidates remotely with Video Interviews
Salad and Go, a health food restaurant chain wanted to hire staff for three new restaurants when the COVID-19 outbreak began. Learn how they managed to screen 50 candidates in two weeks using Workable Video Interviews, without compromising candidate experience and delivering great results.

Video Interviews: Designing for and with end users in mind
Defining personas, empathizing with end users… Workable’s Principal UX Researcher, Korina Loumidi, described the fascinating journey of integrating user input and feedback to ensure a top-notch user experience for Workable Video Interviews.

How we approached (video) interviews
What do Workable Video Interviews and Google Maps have in common, according to Workable’s Senior Product Designer Andrew Chraniotis? Read the answer here.

Early adopter program key to Video Interviews success
Workable’s Senior Product Manager Valia Lekka explains how the company used customer feedback in an early adopter program to fine-tune Video Interviews. She also described how Workable’s product team pivoted to release the feature earlier – and at the beginning for free – to help companies through the COVID-19 crisis.

Announcing Bridge: Connecting laid-off workers with new employers
Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies to lay off and/or furlough employees in order to survive financially through this tough time. At Workable, we felt the responsibility to act and released a new feature, Bridge, free for our customers to help those companies connect their laid-off and furloughed employees with potential new employers. Workable’s CTO Spyros Magiatis shared this powerful take on this initiative.

Webinar – Going remote: Best Practices for HR & Recruitment
Still figuring out ways to move your team in a fully virtual work environment? On March 25, Workable hosted a webinar with HR experts from remote-first companies who will share their experiences hiring, organizing, and managing remote teams. If you missed the live event, we’ve got you covered. Watch the recording and learn from those at the front lines.

COVID-19: Workable CEO Nikos Moraitakis’ message to employees
If you’re a business leader, it’s important to remain calm, patient, and proactive in these uncertain times. Communicate with your staff regularly to boost employee morale and keep everyone on the same page. Read this message Workable CEO Nikos Moraitakis sent to staff to keep employees’ spirits up and share tips on how to remain productive and optimistic during this unprecedented crisis.

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