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TechOps process optimization

Case study: how Workable’s TechOps optimized its processes

Imagine leading a team that’s meeting its targets, and yet, you know there’s potential for more. The catch? Identify...

Attracting top tech talent in Greece: an approach to success

Are you operating in Greece? The market for software development in Greece has grown steadily in recent years, attracting both l...

employee satisfaction

Why employee satisfaction matters more than happiness

At Workable, we’re not just in the business of creating innovative HR solutions; we also strive to build a strong and thri...

ATS settings

The art & science of organizing and labeling Workable settings

Here at Workable, we have a long list of things we are eager to add to our roadmap. At the beginning of this year, time had fina...

Video Interviews: Designing for and with end users in mind

We start all projects at Workable with research and analysis following the fundamental steps of Design Thinking. First, this hel...

scaling a sales team

Inside Workable: Scaling a sales team successfully

It’s not the easiest situation, but that’s where the sales team at Workable was at the end of 2018. Georgios Gatos, VP of Growth...

Workable's sales team

Behind the scenes with 3 members of Workable’s sales team

A few days ago, I visited the offices of Workable’s sales team in Athens. Located in a business district, Spaces, is a modern, e...

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