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Developing & retaining my best people

Believe it or not, keeping your employees engaged and happy is essential in hiring top talent. Utilize these resources to create the best experience for your employees and you’ll be sure to see the payouts for your efforts.

predictive analytics for employee retention

Predictive analytics: why it matters for employee retention

Predictive analytics in HR leverages data and AI to enhance decision-making, identifying at-risk employees and optimizing retent...

Employers are encouraged to focus on empathy in leadership, active employee engagement, broadening DEI initiatives, and prioritizing skill-based hiring and development. These strategies aim to foster a resilient and adaptable workforce capable of navigating the challenges of an ever-evolving job market

The great talent shift – and the need for leaders and L&D

Despite mass layoffs hitting hundreds tech companies, affecting more than 56,000 workers, the job market reveals a paradoxical i...

Kate Photoshop

The Kate Photoshop fiasco: 3 major lessons for employers

Everyone's in a tizzy over the whole Princess Kate Photoshop debacle. And you know what? There are valuable lessons here for emp...

skill-based hiring - companies are lying

What if skills-based hiring doesn’t work?

A lot has been said and written in the last few months about the era of skill-based hiring. We have seen catchy titles stating t...

job shadowing

Job shadowing at work – How can it benefit your organization?

In the world of work, the concept of a shadow often conjures images of something insubstantial or following silently without imp...

A chat about salary transparency: the shift towards open discussion

We sat down with ZipJob's Amanda Augustine to discuss how salary transparency promotes fairness, attracts talent, and enhances c...

onboarding buddy

Νew hire struggling? Onboarding buddies can help you (+checklist)

We have all been in this position when starting a new job and finding ourselves struggling with easy, everyday tasks. We want to...

fake paternity leave hr actions

“I’m faking my paternity leave”: a Reddit post calls for HR action

The phenomenon of faking paternity or maternity leave, as highlighted by a recent Reddit post, serves as a stark reminder of the...

talent mapping

How to implement talent mapping in your organization

Today more than ever, the pressure on HR professionals to not only manage but strategically develop the workforce has never been...

leading through layoffs

Leading through layoffs: five tips to restore confidence

Learn how to effectively manage post-layoff challenges, ensuring clear communication and morale rebuilding with these five commu...

remote work and accessibility

The hybrid model could be a step closer to RTO

The ropes are tightening, and employers are starting to regain the power they lost when the health crisis broke out in 2020. The...

recruitment and retention strategies

Job shift shock: the trend that intimidates HR professionals

Have you ever felt that you didn't fit in from day one at your new job? Did you feel like you weren't given the space to adjust?...

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