Employee monitoring: to track or not to track?

As anyone who has ever worked in the corporate world knows, it’s easy to clock up a 9-5 ...
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Cost per hire metrics, demystified

Cost-per-hire (CPH) is one of the most intriguing recruiting metrics. It’s simple to und...
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Perfecting your recruiting pitch

What image does the word ‘pitch’ conjure for you? Likely, a one shot opportunity—lik...
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HR Tutorials

Templates for small business

  • Job descriptions
    Choose from our extensive library of customizable templates. Fully downloadable.
  • Interview questions
    The best questions, organized by role and featuring tips on what to look for in candidates.
  • Business letters
    From offer and rejections letters, to references and contract templates. Customizable and downloadable.
  • Company policies
    Model company policies covering all the needs of a growing company. Customizable and downloadable.
  • Salary profiles
    Salary overviews by job role, including averages and salary ranges. Plus a list of top paying US cities.

Guides, Tools & Ebooks


The Start Up Hiring Guide: Second Edition

The second edition of our popular guide, Getting From Employee 5 to 50
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