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Working together with others

To thrive in talent acquisition, a symbiotic relationship between recruiters and hiring managers is essential. Dive into our comprehensive resources that foster effective collaboration within your hiring team. From best practices for engaging with hiring managers to essential strategies for collective sourcing, attraction, and evaluation of talent, we ensure seamless teamwork for optimal success.


10 HR video memes you wish you’d watched before

Hold onto your ergonomic chairs, folks, because we're about to take a wild ride through the ups, downs, and loop-de-loops of HR ...

Email best practices in the modern hybrid workplace

Learn essential email best practices for thriving in a hybrid work environment – ensuring clarity, directness, and appropriate u...


Skills-first approach: what it is and why it can help you

The workplace is changing — fast. What we thought we knew about hiring and talent management is getting a serious makeover, maki...

Hiring guide template: guidelines for hiring managers

The hiring guide is a comprehensive document or resource that outlines the processes, best practices, and strategies for recruit...

Slack guide template by workable

Company’s slack guide policy template

Slack fuels productivity by promoting seamless collaboration and effective communication within teams. Its dynamic features, lik...

HR and Finance collaboration

Can AI help HR and finance collaborate more smoothly?

Navigate roadblocks in collaboration between the HR and finance departments using artificial intelligence. AI tools can aid in i...

workforce planning strategy

Workforce planning strategy in the AI-driven economy

In the AI era, effective workforce planning is a pivotal step towards business growth and sustainability. By identifying areas f...

The big disconnect: 4 ways HR can best partner with hiring managers

Explore how to bolster the relationship between HR and hiring managers for more effective hiring processes and a stronger organi...

collaboration tools

UCaaS: Why companies need to consolidate collaboration tools

Hybrid work has led to the use of multiple overlapping communication tools, creating inefficiencies and security risks. Learn ho...

interview horror stories

15 job interview horror stories that you won’t believe

Interview horror stories are tales of bizarre, awkward, or downright terrifying experiences during job interviews. They range fr...

Applicant tracking system guide - showing people during a running race

Applicant tracking system guide: From A to Z

In this definitive applicant tracking system guide, you’ll learn how an ATS can help you digitize the hiring process from A to Z...

Ask the Evil HR Lady

Ask the Evil HR Lady: How to resolve your TA vs. HR conflict

This is part of a series in which The Evil HR Lady addresses a HR question or challenging situation. Here, she focuses on how to...

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