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Hiring Solutions & Resources

Digitizing work processes

In today’s digital age, optimizing hiring performance relies heavily on data-driven insights and embracing the latest technological advancements. Our resources offer in-depth reports, metrics, and data essential for gauging your recruitment efficacy. Moreover, keep abreast of the evolving tech stack for hiring teams and explore how the newest trends in recruitment technology can fundamentally transform and elevate your hiring methods.

AI in finance

AI in finance could free up at least four hours per week

“Businesses, big and small, struggle with limited resources and time. Automation allows them to reduce the time spent on m...

AI in talent acquisition

The role of AI in talent acquisition: a study for recruiters

Are you trying to find the right candidate for a critical role at your organization? Well, posting the job description on multip...

Hiring Pulse

Your Hiring Pulse report for July 2024

Our previous edition highlighted a tightening job market, with fewer available openings and more candidates vying for each posit...

best time tracking software

Best time tracking software solutions for HR efficiency 

14% of organizations have increased their spending on time tracking since 2020. The need for time tracking arose during the COVI...

MCS utilizes HR technology to search for excellent talents

MCS is a managerial and organizational consulting company that has been collaborating with client companies since 1977 to create...

Grow your talent pool with AI 

Grow your talent pool with AI 

The increasing demand for skilled talent is a challenge for many companies so this why you need to grow your talent pool with AI...

AI in recruitment

How to use AI for human touch in recruitment

Recruitment is a necessarily human-facing field, and AI recruitment tools can’t automate all of the in-person interactions you n...


Top HR Payroll software solutions for your company

Are you seeking valuable insights and guidance for businesses looking to optimize their payroll processes? Is compliance a signi...


Top HR influencers you should follow in 2024

These influencers have demonstrated expertise in various aspects of HR, from talent acquisition and employee engagement to HR te...

The rise of the digital humanist: AI at work to stay

Since the 19th century, we’ve seen a number of large-scale foundational shifts in how we carry out our work and how the surround...

AI in employee retention

AI-powered employee retention: using data to reduce turnover

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, the ability to retain top talent is paramount. The cost of employee turn...

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