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The role of AI in talent acquisition: a study for recruiters

Artificial intelligence is taking the recruitment world by storm. Yet, many people aren’t fully aware of its boundless potential. Here, we demystify AI-based recruiting to help talent acquisition leaders enhance their hiring process and build a powerhouse team.

Shreya Sharma

Shreya Sharma

Shreya bridges technology and talent acquisition, delivering engaging insights on recruitment strategies and HR systems.

AI in talent acquisition

Are you trying to find the right candidate for a critical role at your organization? Well, posting the job description on multiple online portals is not the only thing that needs to be done.

The process involves a lot more, such as screening all the applications, shortlisting the best-suited candidates, arranging their interviews with concerned departments, etc.

At times, this can get overwhelming for recruiters, taking up a lot of their valuable time and resources. 

What if we tell you that AI can be a solution to this age-old problem?

Artificial intelligence is the new buzzword, which is slowly changing the entire business landscape. More and more businesses are leveraging the power of technology to streamline their operations. 

According to the McKinsey Global Survey 2024, 65% of organizations are using artificial intelligence and deriving great business value from it. A lot of them are utilizing AI to transform their hiring process and reduce the workload of the recruitment team. 

Workable’s AI in Hiring Survey further explains how artificial intelligence is becoming the future of talent acquisition. Thus, it wouldn’t be an overstatement that AI-powered recruitment is a trend, which is here to stay! 

Artificial intelligence: an overview

Artificial intelligence is a form of technology in which software can replicate human thought processes to perform certain tasks.

These tasks can include everything from language translation to problem-solving, visual perception to decision-making. In present times, every human being is using artificial intelligence in one way or another. 

Role of AI in talent acquisition 

Nowadays, talent acquisition is not limited to filling roles. It is also about building a strong and functional team for an organization. But this can turn into a challenge, especially when you have limited time and resources.

This is when the concept of artificial intelligence comes into the picture, offering a revolutionary approach to talent acquisition. 

An efficient AI-based tool can handle a variety of tasks:

  • Job advertising
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Applicant screening 
  • Shortlisting candidates 
  • Skill assessment
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Onboarding

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Key benefits

In the current scenario, the increasing importance of AI in job recruitment cannot be ignored. There are several ways in which artificial intelligence can make things easier for organizations and their recruitment teams.

Here are a few key benefits of using AI in HR recruitment:

  • Improved hire quality: Screening all applications you receive for a job position is undoubtedly the most complicated part of the hiring process. It not only requires a great amount of time and effort but there is also a chance of accidentally losing a high-potential candidate. Since AI-based tools use a specific set of algorithms, they can sift through the mountain of resumes in minutes. Only candidates with a profile matching a certain job role get shortlisted, improving the overall hire quality.
  • Time and effort saving: By using AI in the recruitment process, you can automate several tedious tasks like candidate sourcing, CV screening, etc. This can expedite the hiring process and save a significant amount of effort.
  • Bias mitigation: In the manual recruitment process, there is always a chance of unconscious bias based on gender, age, and more. According to research, 48% of HR managers admit that bias affects the candidates they choose to hire. AI-powered recruitment tools purely focus on an individual’s skill set. Hence, there are fewer chances of any kind of bias in decision-making.

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There is no denying that the use of AI in recruitment is reshaping the future of talent acquisition. By leveraging technology, recruiters can find the right talent while saving a significant amount of time and effort. 

Are you also a talent acquisition leader, struggling to streamline your administrative tasks? If yes, harness the power of artificial intelligence and say goodbye to the time-consuming, manual hiring process.

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