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To truly streamline your recruiting, it takes tech. But which hiring tools are right for you? We’ll help you decide.

best time tracking software

Best time tracking software solutions for HR efficiency 

Are you struggling to manage employee schedules and track time accurately? Well,...


Top HR Payroll software solutions for your company

Efficient and accurate payroll processing is essential for maintaining a happy, ...

chatgpt 4o HR

Four ways that ChatGPT 4o will improve your HR work

Everyone is talking about it. The latest version of ChatGPT is a total breakthro...

data security in your HRIS

Ensuring data security in your HRIS implementation

Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) are integral to managing employee dat...


How to write an RFP for HRIS to select the right vendor

This guide offers insights into writing a compelling RFP for an HRIS, equipping ...

ChatGPT for career development planning

Use ChatGPT to make a career development plan, with prompts

Career development plans in your company can result in a 34% increase in employe...

ROI of HR technology

The ROI of HR technology integration explained

Understanding the ROI of HR technology is more than a matter of financial calcul...

Upskilling opportunities for HR professionals

Upskilling opportunities for HR pros in the AI revolution

No longer confined to traditional practices, HR now stands on the cusp of a tech...

How to write better HR policies with ChatGPT: a guide

Create airtight, effective HR policies tailored to your company culture with Cha...

common pitfalls in HRIS implementation

Avoiding common pitfalls in HRIS implementation

Implementing a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be a transformative ...

how to use ChatGPT and Workable to create job descriptions

How to use ChatGPT & Workable to make better job descriptions

Elevate your recruitment game by using ChatGPT to make better job descriptions. ...

AI-driven HR KPIs

What are the new KPIs for HR in this new AI-driven world?

As AI technologies become increasingly integrated into HR operations, there is a...

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