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Ensuring compliance best practices

In an ever-evolving landscape of data privacy and employment regulations, it’s paramount to stay informed and adaptive. Our comprehensive resources are designed to guide you through local, national, and international regulations, including the likes of GDPR and EEOC/OFCCP. Equip yourself with all the necessary tools and knowledge to uphold the highest standards of compliance both in the workplace and during the hiring process.

company policies you should have

18 policies every organization should have (+templates)

Keeping your business structured and compliant, policies provide essential guidance and clarity for decision-making and behavior...

Final Rule contractors vs employees classification

DOL’s Final Rule: what it entails and why employers must listen

The Department of Labor's Final Rule revises standards for distinguishing between employees and independent contractors under th...

5 signs your company is ready for an HRIS

Does it feel like it's the proper time for a transition to an HRIS? Wait, you don't know when this time comes? Here are five sig...

HRIS sooner and cheaper

Why a growing business needs an HRIS soon (and cheaply, too)

With the demands of managing diverse workforces, ensuring compliance, and driving organizational performance, the need for a rob...

Federal & state employment laws – and how an HRIS helps

Legislation compliance evolves with your small business's growth. Key federal and state laws become applicable at specific emplo...

hr legal compliance

ChatGPT for legal compliance: a step-by-step tutorial

Learn how ChatGPT helps with HR legal compliance, offering efficient document review, custom compliance training, and checklist ...

how to fire anyone

How to fire anyone without legal repercussions

Ever hesitated to fire an underperforming employee due to fear of legal action? Our guide on how to fire anyone demystifies the ...


The meaning of FTE: a guide for HR professionals

Dive into our comprehensive guide on the meaning of FTE. Understand how accurately gauging FTEs can optimize staffing, predict b...

EEOC in AI and hiring

Avoid unintended bias: learn to navigate EEOC in AI and hiring

Learn how to comply with the latest warning from the EEOC on using AI in the workplace. Learn techniques for identifying potenti...

Ask the Evil HR Lady

Ask the Evil HR Lady: How do I prevent salary harassment?

This is part of a series in which The Evil HR Lady addresses a real-life HR question or challenging situation. Here, an HR profe...

supreme court vaccine mandate

US Supreme Court’s mixed ruling on vaccine mandates: What do you do now?

By now, you know the US Supreme Court’s decision on the proposed vaccine mandate – and you’ve come here looking for clarity and ...

What the Biden vaccine mandate means for employers – and how to manage it

In November 2021, the White House announced details of its vaccine mandate. By early January, employers with more than 100 emplo...

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