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Flex work

The landscape of work is rapidly shifting towards flexible and remote paradigms. Our resources are tailored to guide you in constructing resilient remote teams from the ground up. Delve into best practices for remote interviews and effective onboarding for new hires. With the persistence of remote and flexible work trends, arm yourself with expert tips and strategies to navigate and thrive in this evolving work environment.

coffee badging

What is coffee badging – and what you can do about it

Coffee badging is the latest in a long line of new terminologies that have surfaced in the work world recently – joining quiet q...


WFH vs. RTO: what really works for your business

47% of Employees Say They’ll Quit if Employer Orders Return to Office Full Time! Return-to-office orders look like a way f...

vr in onboarding

Use VR in onboarding and set your new hires for success

Imagine: you’ve just gotten word that Miriam is excited to accept your job offer for a high-intensity customer-facing role in yo...

The in-person vs. remote shuffle – what’s next? Hybrid!

In the ‘before times’, in-office and on-location work was absolutely normal. Some forward-thinking organizations did push the en...

borderless working

Workers sans frontiéres: Attracting talent beyond borders

So… what exactly is borderless working, you ask? It’s the practice of hiring remote staff based outside of a company’s main coun...

Remote work: ‘There’s no going back on this’

  They were right. And now we have five business and HR experts sharing their tips and insights on best practices and outco...

WFH depression

WFH depression: why it happens and what you can do

To be 100% upfront and transparent, I’ve worked at home exclusively for the past 13 years. I have no plans to go back into the o...

workplace community US

Workplace community is more important than most in US

No matter the scope of work or task at hand, even the most rudimentary and menial of work roles involve people. We’re not machin...

workplace community UK

Workplace community is tops in the minds of UK workers

Our Great Discontent survey of 500 workers in the UK found that the ‘community’ of the workplace is very important – more so tha...

Flexible work hours: it’s important for 58% of US workers, survey finds

In short: we included flexible work in our new Great Discontent survey of US workers. Flexible work, however, is more complex th...

Flexible schedules a must for 57% of UK workers: Great Discontent survey

So far, we’ve found that changes aren’t happening as much as workers in the UK would like. Phil Flaxton, CEO of Work Wise,...

the benefits of working remotely

Integrating work and home a top benefit of working remotely in US

Because of that seismic change, we included questions around remote work in our Great Discontent survey, which surveyed 750 US w...

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