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Content team

Content team

Our Content Team includes content manager Keith MacKenzie who has been writing on HR, employment and business topics for six years, and content specialist Alexandros Pantelakis, who has been crafting helpful and insightful stories on HR and employment. They are responsible for all content in Workable's Resources and Career Center libraries, covering topics of interest to the HR and recruitment sectors worldwide.

Hiring Pulse

Your Hiring Pulse report for April 2024

April's Hiring Pulse has many dramatic messages in it. Job postings are coming down dramatically compared with previous years – ...

The future of recruitment: Q&As from Workable Next

On Dec. 6, 2023, by CEO Nikos Moraitakis, CRO Rob Long, and CTO Spyros Magiatis unveiled transformative features in ATS and HRIS...

The State of h(AI)ring – buzzword or boon for HR?

In the enlightening webinar discussion titled "The State of h(AI)ring - buzzword or boon for HR?", a diverse group of industry e...

Zego optimizes hiring processes with Workable & Hired

Learn how Zego, led by its Head of Talent Acquisition, Olivier Parent, integrates Workable and Hired to optimize its hiring proc...

candidate experience memes

10 funny candidate experience memes – and what they mean

In this engaging read, you'll explore 10 popular candidate experience memes that do more than just tickle your funny bone. Disco...

automation in HR

Exploring the benefits of automation in human resources

Explore how automation is transforming HR through enhanced accuracy, streamlined recruitment, improved onboarding, better perfor...

10 new jobs surfacing in the age of AI

10 new jobs created with AI in the workplace

Explore 10 emerging AI-related job roles that offer exciting opportunities in a rapidly evolving landscape. This insightful arti...

employee management software

Choose the right employee management software: 8 top tips

Learn how to choose ideal employee management software for your business by considering factors like integration, user-friendlin...

employee management best practices

Mastering employee management: 4 best practices

Learn how to optimize your business and motivate employees through effective employee management. Learn employee management best...

employee management strategy

What’s included in a good employee management strategy?

Learn eight essential focal points to effectively manage your employees, improve team dynamics, and boost overall productivity. ...

30-60-90 day onboarding plan

Your 30-60-90 day onboarding plan: set your people for success

Explore our comprehensive 30-60-90 day onboarding framework that ensures new employees seamlessly integrate into your company cu...

types of onboarding plans

5 types of onboarding plans: it’s not just for your new hires

Onboarding isn't just about getting your new employee ready in their new job. Explore the relevance of onboarding in employee tr...

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