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What is an HRIS

What even is an HRIS – and how to know you need one

Did you know that companies spend almost four months deciding on their HRIS? You don't have to spend that much time. The more yo...

executive dismissal

Executive dismissal at OpenAI: many lessons for businesses

OpenAI's firing of Sam Altman, followed by a reinstatement amidst employee backlash, highlights the importance of transparency a...

Lying in resumes

7 in 10 workers lie in resumes – how do you catch them out?

Lying in resumes isn't the end of the world. Actually, 7 in 10 workers do it in different ways, and guess what, they include app...

Employee Retention in Small Businesses

Is career development good for employee retention in SMBs?

Struggling to retain your top workers in your company? The traditional methods of competitive salaries and benefits are no longe...

Killer phrases in HR: don’t use them, or you’ll erode trust

The Evil HR Lady looks at how certain boillerplate phrases used by HR professionals can erode trust and confidence among employe...

Barbie better hiring

What Barbie can teach you about better hiring practices

You might be shocked to discover how much the Barbie phenomenon has in common with recruiting and the world of human resources....

The psychological impact of difficult commutes

The psychological impact of difficult commutes

Difficult commutes can significantly impact mental health, causing stress, anxiety, and decreased job satisfaction. Long travel ...

salary and job satisfaction

Why money alone can’t buy happiness at work

While higher salaries are often equated with job satisfaction, recent studies challenge this notion. Despite earning less, self-...

DEI and business systems optimization

Bridge the gap between DEI and business systems optimization

Discover how integrating DEI into your business systems can improve operations and drive success. This guide presents a framewor...

HR virtual assistant

The HR virtual assistant boom: a deep dive into the surge

Learn about the surge in demand for virtual assistants, specifically in HR teams. These remote superheroes can improve efficienc...

workforce planning strategy

Workforce planning strategy in the AI-driven economy

In the AI era, effective workforce planning is a pivotal step towards business growth and sustainability. By identifying areas f...

Boost your employer branding and retention rates with AI-driven strategies

Boost your employer branding & retention using AI

Eyes here, HR managers. Did you know that applying AI automations and following cutting edge technology in your company can enha...

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