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Suzanne Lucas

Suzanne Lucas

Suzanne Lucas spent 10 years in corporate human resources, where she hired, fired, managed the numbers, and double-checked with the lawyers. She now works as a consultant on all of the above.

Evil HR Lady hot takes

Evil HR Lady: four hot takes on hot topics in HR

The Evil HR Lady shares her hot takes on HR debates like office returns, training, and work-life balance. A must-read for HR pro...

Dell’s remote work ultimatum: is it the right decision?

Dell's new policy restricts promotions and internal transfers for remote workers, sparking debate over productivity and workplac...

Kate Photoshop

The Kate Photoshop fiasco: 3 major lessons for employers

Everyone's in a tizzy over the whole Princess Kate Photoshop debacle. And you know what? There are valuable lessons here for emp...

SAT requirements for employers

Reinstated SAT requirements: why hiring teams should care

The Evil HR Lady offers expert insight on what employers and hiring teams can learn from Dartmouth College's decision to reinsta...

degree requirements and degree bias

Ditching degree requirements for jobs – what to do instead

Massachusetts has joined the wave of removing college degree prerequisites for many state jobs, echoing a broader trend in the p...

webmd RTO video

WebMD’s RTO video: it’s mega cringe, but reflects today’s reality

WebMD's return-to-office video is incredibly awkward to watch, but the Evil HR Lady reminds us that it's a great lesson on commu...

Reverse ageism: why do companies avoid Gen Z workers?

Age discrimination is unexpectedly affecting Gen Z in the workforce. Managers prefer seasoned workers according to an Intellgent...

negative outcome for hr in 2024

If you have a negative outlook for HR in 2024, you can fix it now

How can HR shift from negativity to positivity in 2024? Uncover the simple shifts that can propel your team from the shadows of ...

executive dismissal

Executive dismissal at OpenAI: many lessons for businesses

OpenAI's firing of Sam Altman, followed by a reinstatement amidst employee backlash, highlights the importance of transparency a...

work-life balance boundaries

Work-life boundaries: establish them ahead of time

How do you manage the unspoken expectation of managers for employees to be available beyond working hours? Learn the difference ...

Clean out those HR cobwebs: 6 outdated practices to get rid of

It's time to identify and discard those outdated HR practices if you want to be respected as an HR professional. Learn what they...

Killer phrases in HR: don’t use them, or you’ll erode trust

The Evil HR Lady looks at how certain boillerplate phrases used by HR professionals can erode trust and confidence among employe...

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