Engineering has a huge impact on our lives with everything we use from games consoles to x-ray machines designed and developed by an engineer. Engineering is about developing ideas for designing, manufacturing and maintaining machinery, products and materials. It’s a creative industry with a need to develop new, better but cost effective and safe solutions to practical problems, as well as vision and ideas. Professionals who can do this job with imagination and attention to functionality are out there but how do you attract them? Take the first step with a clearly written engineering job description. The sample job description templates in this section can be tailored to your needs to provide the following:

  • A clear list of job responsibilities
  • An explanation of the kind of knowledge and skill-set the job requires
  • Evidence that you’re a serious employer looking to invest in talent

With a well crafted engineering job description, you’ll give direction to your hiring process, and highlight the most effective interview questions. You also help reduce the possibility of misunderstandings by clarifying exactly what is expected of the candidate, and how their performance will be evaluated.

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