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AI Research Scientist job description

An AI Research Scientist is a professional focused on the study, development, and implementation of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies. Their work is pivotal in pushing the boundaries of AI to enhance both theoretical understanding and practical applications.

Alexandros Pantelakis
Alexandros Pantelakis

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What is an AI Research Scientist?

An AI Research Scientist is a dedicated professional who specializes in advancing the capabilities of artificial intelligence through methodical research and experimentation. They are committed to solving complex problems within AI, contributing to academic knowledge, and finding innovative applications for AI technologies across various sectors.

What does an AI Research Scientist do?

AI Research Scientists undertake detailed studies to innovate and improve upon existing AI systems. Their work encompasses the development of advanced algorithms, performing data analytics, and applying machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems. They also play a crucial role in publishing research results and sharing knowledge within the scientific community.

Responsibilities of an AI Research Scientist include:

  • Leading and conducting rigorous AI research to develop new methodologies and technologies
  • Designing experiments and prototypes to test the viability and efficiency of new AI models
  • Collaborating with interdisciplinary teams across academic and industrial spheres to apply AI research outcomes
  • Disseminating research findings through scholarly publications, conferences, and community engagements

Job brief

As an AI Research Scientist, you will be at the forefront of artificial intelligence research and development. This role demands a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical expertise in AI, with responsibilities that span developing innovative AI technologies, conducting empirical research, and implementing AI solutions in practical applications.

You will collaborate with leading researchers and industry experts to drive advancements in AI, making significant contributions to the field and influencing future AI applications.


  • Conceptualize and execute pioneering AI research projects
  • Develop state-of-the-art algorithms and computational models
  • Conduct extensive testing and validation of AI systems
  • Collaborate with global research teams and industry partners
  • Publish and present research findings in top-tier journals and conferences
  • Stay abreast of emerging trends in AI research and technology
  • Mentor junior researchers and contribute to collaborative learning
  • Engage with stakeholders to identify research opportunities and directions

Requirements and skills

  • PhD or equivalent experience in Computer Science, AI, or a related technical field
  • Demonstrable experience in AI research, with publications in renowned journals
  • Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, Java, or R
  • Deep understanding of machine learning, neural networks, and computational statistics
  • Ability to think critically and creatively to tackle complex challenges
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills, capable of working effectively in diverse environments
  • Passion for continuous learning and adapting to new technological advancements

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