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The best places to post your job openings

Christine Del Castillo
Christine Del Castillo

Former Community Manager at Workable specialized in employee experience, talent brands and our event series, Workable Ideas.

You’ve got a job description that’s compelling, spell-checked and good to go. You could post it on every job board there is (bad idea) or you could save time and money with a little recruiting homework. Create an approach that gets your job seen and drives your intended response.

Here’s our advice for crafting a great job posting and getting it on the right job boards:

How do I start posting my jobs online?

  • Find out where the rest of your industry (in your country or city) posts jobs.
  • Measure the performance of recent listings. Which job boards did you use? How many candidates did you get? Did you get enough candidates? Did you get too many? Find out which metrics you should be tracking with our Recruitment Metrics FAQ.
  • Determine your recruiting budget if you want to post your jobs for free or if you’re willing to pay for a premium posting.
  • Find out where the audience you want to reach hangs out online. What social networks are they using? You can target your candidates during their leisure activity by posting a job on Facebook, Twitter, or even Reddit.
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The best places to post jobs online:

Job boards for all industries:

  1. LinkedIn is a triumvirate of professional social network, headhunting tool and job board. With 300m members, LinkedIn boasts the biggest potential candidate pool. On LinkedIn, you can search for profiles, post jobs and message candidates directly.
  1. Indeed is a global job board leader with 4m positions posted directly to It’s also a job search engine that takes job seekers’ input (such as skills and location) and aggregates all the jobs that match. Use this site to search for resumes, post jobs, and run pay-per-click job advertising campaigns that put your job at the top of your candidates’ search results.
  1. Craigslist is a classifieds site and not a traditional job board. You’ve probably used it to search for apartments or buy secondhand furniture. Don’t discount the oddball. Quirkiness and poor user interface aside, it beats everyone on inbound traffic and is one of the best place to advertise job openings.
  1. Monster is a venerable old job board that continues to expand worldwide. It’s pricey in some countries (unless you post through Workable), has a lot of traffic, and hosts tons of resumes and free content.
  1. CareerBuilder operates in the US, Europe, Canada and Asia. They get 24m visitors a month and power more than 90 percent of Fortune 1000 company job boards.
  1. SimplyHired, like Indeed, is a job search engine at its core. It is a highly-targeted pay per click job board that gets around 30m unique visitors a month.
  1. StepStone is one of the most successful job boards in Europe, especially since they partnered with TotalJobs (UK).
  1. Beyond will automatically distribute your job listings to niche sites and talent communities based on specific criteria. What’s in it for you? Targeted exposure and more relevant job applications.

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Tech job boards:

  1. Stack Overflow Careers is the official careers platform of Stack Overflow and is used by 25m developers and technologists every month. Recruiters love this job board for the reliably high-quality of the applicant pool.
  1. Dice is an industry leader as far as tech job boards go. When you post to Dice, your listing is also cross-posted to some 3,000 specialized partner sites. This niche approach will also minimize the number of unqualified applicants in your pool.
  1. Github Jobs is where developers and engineers hang out online and a great place to trawl for passive candidates.

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Design job boards:

  1. Behance is where to post jobs if you’re looking for top creative talent. It’s also the place where professionals showcase their work, enabling you to take a sneak peek before you reach out.
  1. Dribbble gives you access to designers’ portfolios and profiles. Workable’s designers are really fond of it. Post jobs and connect with top talent on Dribbble.
  1. Authentic Jobs introduces recruiters to creative professionals. Simple and efficient.

Remote and flexible work job boards:

  1. We Work Remotely is the job board without borders, enabling you to narrow down talent from a distance.
  1. Odesk is free and for freelancers only. If you’re looking for one, check out their well-rounded freelancers’ database.
  1. FlexJobs is free and effective for listing flexible jobs. Here, “flexible jobs” are defined as part-time, telecommute, or freelance opportunities.

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Startup job boards:

  1. AngelList is well-known amongst startups. Candidates get to apply privately and see salary and equity up front. Startups get access to a huge list of developers and designers actively looking for a job. On top of that, it’s free!
  2. StartUpHire lists hundreds of jobs, but only for venture capital-backed companies. It also comes at zero cost and also has a widget that enables you to automatically add your open positions to your website.
  3. The Muse enables job seekers to peek through the curtains of great companies. “Showcase the heart and soul” of your great company in 500 words, videos, and photos, then display your job openings.

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More job posting resources:

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