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How to post jobs on LinkedIn

To post jobs on LinkedIn, create a company page and use job slots or PPC to advertise open roles. Share jobs on your company newsfeed, LinkedIn Groups, and your personal profile. Use LinkedIn's "Job Wrapping" service for efficiency, and consider Limited Listings for additional exposure.

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become one of the world’s most popular networks for professionals, with 660 million members. It’s easy to connect with other professionals by creating and maintaining a professional profile. But LinkedIn is much more than that. Hosting the profiles of millions of potential candidates, it’s an obvious first choice for employers looking to post a job and attract new talent.

We’ll take a look at how to post a job on LinkedIn using different methods and explain how to increase your chances of finding the right candidate by posting to multiple job boards with one submission.

How to post a job on LinkedIn

First, create a LinkedIn page

To get the best value for money from posting a job on LinkedIn, you’ll need a LinkedIn page for your company. These pages offer public information about your business within the LinkedIn platform. They’re free, easy to keep updated with news and events, and a great first step in strengthening your employer brand.

If you’re an existing LinkedIn user, setting up a company page is simple. If you’re new to LinkedIn, then you’ll need to wait until your profile is a few days old to create a page and be able to post a job.

Make sure that your profile strength is ‘Intermediate’ or ‘All star’, and you have a minimum of five connections to other LinkedIn members. You’ll also need to check that your own profile lists you as a company employee, and that you have a confirmed company email address connected to your LinkedIn account.

Once you have a company page on LinkedIn, you’ll see it has a newsfeed for sharing updates and events and a careers panel, to highlight paid job postings.

Now, how do you advertise on LinkedIn?

On LinkedIn, you can create job postings to advertise open roles. Candidates can discover these postings via the LinkedIn network or see them as recommended as “Jobs You May Be Interested In”.

You can post jobs on LinkedIn by using job slots and PPC (pay-per-click).

Job slots

A company can purchase a number of LinkedIn Job Slots to use for posting jobs. When you use a job slot to post a job, that job is live for 30 days – once it expires, you can repost it in an available job slot. Or, you can take the job down to make the job slot available for your other open roles.

For example, one job slot can be used to post 20 or more jobs, and you have the flexibility to modify, renew or close each job posting at any time.


With this function, you can post a job and set an average daily budget that will be spent based on the number of views your job posting receives. If you don’t want to spend more than a certain amount, you can set up a maximum budget and your job posting will get paused once that budget is spent.

Here’s how billing for PPC postings works.

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How do I share a job on LinkedIn?

Use your company newsfeed

Sometimes, you’ll find that your best candidates are already your biggest fans. Similar to the Facebook Jobs tab, you can use your company newsfeed to share your open jobs from your careers page.

Every time you post a new update it will appear in the newsfeeds of anyone who has ‘liked’ the page. This could be past and present employees or those with a special interest in your business and the work that you do. Posting details of a job on the LinkedIn newsfeed opens the path to communication with your most engaged followers and their networks.

News updates can also be ‘liked’ by anyone who views them. Readers can add a comment and tag names of other LinkedIn users who could be the perfect match for the job. Any such activity around this job post will also show up on the newsfeeds of connected LinkedIn members, further increasing your exposure.

Other ways to share posts on LinkedIn

LinkedIn relies on the power of networks— so don’t forget the value of your own. In addition to posting on your company page you can also:

  • Share jobs to LinkedIn Groups: Share your job in groups you follow to attract people with the right mix of skills and interests, or ask your network to share the job to their network.
  • Share a job on your LinkedIn profile: Your own posts will be seen by your own professional connections further spreading the word for your company’s open roles.

Job Wrapping

LinkedIn also has a service called “Job Wrapping” for those who have LinkedIn Recruiter. Via Job Wrapping, LinkedIn pulls your open roles from your recruitment software or careers page and automatically posts them into available job slots you have purchased. This way, it helps you save time and make good use of your job slots.

Limited Listings on LinkedIn

Limited Listings are job postings gathered by LinkedIn from job boards and job aggregators across the web. They are visible to candidates actively conducting a job search or viewing a company’s LinkedIn page.

Unlike paid jobs, Limited Listings are not actively promoted to LinkedIn members in search results or through targeted recommendations; a job posting utilizing a Job Slot achieves an average of nine times more views than a Limited Listing. Limited Listings are not guaranteed listings.

Workable provides a feed of Limited Listing jobs to LinkedIn.

Post on multiple job boards

To make the best hire, you’ll need to post jobs on multiple job boards—LinkedIn included. But logging in and out of every board is a time-consuming task, as is tracking the source of each candidate to see which job boards are providing the best value for money.

Effective recruitment software (an applicant tracking system or ‘ATS’) will automate these tasks, providing a way to post to multiple job boards with one submission. Once the job is posted in multiple locations, the software will gather all the applicants into a single recruiting pipeline. You’ll be able to browse candidate profiles alone or with a team, adding comments and notes as you go.

Instead of multiple spreadsheets and countless emails, recruiting software creates a personal, centralized hiring database automatically. The time saved can then be put to better use ensuring an excellent candidate experience and choosing the best person for the job.

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