How to post jobs on LinkedIn

Since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become the largest professional network online. It’s easy to create and maintain a professional profile and to share that profile with new and established business contacts. But LinkedIn is more than just a social network. Hosting the profiles of millions of potential candidates, it’s an obvious first choice for employers looking to post a job and attract new talent.

We’ll take a look at how to post a job on LinkedIn using different methods and explain how to increase your chances of finding the right candidate by posting to multiple job boards with one submission.

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How to post a job on LinkedIn

To get the best value for money from posting a job on LinkedIn, you’ll need a LinkedIn page for your company. These pages offer public information about your business within the LinkedIn platform. They’re free, easy to keep updated with news and events, and a great first step in strengthening your employer brand.

If you’re an existing LinkedIn user, setting up a company page is simple. If you’re new to LinkedIn, then you’ll need to wait until your personal profile is at least 7 days old to post a job.

Make sure that your profile strength is ‘Intermediate’ or ‘All star’, and you have a minimum of five connections to other LinkedIn members. You’ll also need to check that your own profile lists you as a company employee, and that you have a confirmed company email address connected to your LinkedIn account.

Once you have a company page on LinkedIn, you’ll see it has a newsfeed for sharing updates and events and a careers panel, to highlight paid job postings. Let’s take a look at how you can put these to work.

How do you advertise on LinkedIn?

At first glance, it’s easy to get confused by the job posting options available on LinkedIn. The network heavily promotes its direct paid postings and it’s easy to miss the opportunities to post a job on LinkedIn via an alternative route.

But each type of post, whether free or paid, has its advantages. You’ll need to weigh up the strength of your employer brand and your own professional networks with the competition for talent in your industry and the job’s location.

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What are the 30-day job postings options on LinkedIn?

This is the job posting option LinkedIn promotes most heavily. Paid-for LinkedIn job postings promise ‘smart targeting’, which means getting your ad in front of candidates with the right mix of skills, even when those candidates are not actively seeking a new position.

When you buy a post for 30 days your LinkedIn job posting will be:

  • promoted on the LinkedIn homepages of the most likely and most qualified candidates
  • featured in the careers panel of your company page on LinkedIn
  • featured on LinkedIn’s searchable job board
  • you’ll also receive 5 Inmails with the option to contact passive candidates directly
The LinkedIn careers panel on a LinkedIn company page
Paid job postings on LinkedIn are visible in the careers panel on your LinkedIn company page. Here you can see the company has paid for one job posting.

How much does it cost to post a job on LinkedIn?

The cost of placing a 30-day LinkedIn job posting varies based on the geographical location of the job. LinkedIn does not provide a location pricelist upfront, but will give an exact price as soon as your location details have been given. Note, each job posting can have one location only. For multiple locations, you’ll need to place multiple ads.

The real value of paying for a 30-day job post on LinkedIn will depend on your industry and the strength of competition for talent in your location. When competition is high, visibility is key, and many companies find LinkedIn’s smart targeting has the power to attract the right mix of applicants.

What are LinkedIn Job Credits?

If you know you’ll be hiring for a number of roles over the next year, then job posting credits can save time and money. Sold individually or in packs of five or ten, they’re offered at a discounted rate and remain valid for 365 days after the purchase date. Favored by those with LinkedIn Recruiter or Recruiter Lite accounts, they are subject to the same geolocated pricing rules as individual 30-day job postings, making the exact discount hard to calculate until you supply LinkedIn with your details.

Essentially, job credits are an easy way to pay upfront for a 30-day job posting, and provide the same benefits as any paid posting on LinkedIn; targeted placement to attract the most likely and most qualified candidates.

Limited Listings on LinkedIn

If you’re using recruiting software that partners with LinkedIn, like Workable, you’ll have the option to post a Limited Listing. These LinkedIn job posts come at no extra cost and are one of many benefits of using specialist software for recruiting.

Limited Listing job posts are not linked from the Careers Panel on your LinkedIn company page (that’s reserved for paid posts only), but they are shown as soon as a potential candidate clicks through to see all the jobs available. They’re also fully searchable via the LinkedIn Job search.

When an interested candidate taps the ‘view’ button on a Limited Listing they’ll get the full details of the job, and how to apply.

A LinkedIn Limited job listing posted via Workable.
A LinkedIn Limited Listing, posted via Workable.

Recruiting software working in partnership with LinkedIn will also allow you to buy a paid job post or use your LinkedIn job credits directly from within the software.

Note: Limited Listings are not available outside the software/LinkedIn partnership.

How do I post a job on LinkedIn for free?

Using your company newsfeed to post jobs on LinkedIn

Sometimes you’ll find that your best candidates are already your biggest fans. Similar to the Facebook Jobs tab, you can use your company newsfeed to post a job on LinkedIn for free.

Every time you post a new update it will appear in the newsfeeds of anyone who has ‘liked’ the page. This could be past and present employees or those with a special interest in your business and the work that you do. Posting details of a job on the LinkedIn newsfeed opens the path to communication with your most engaged followers and their networks.

News updates can also be ‘liked’ by anyone who views them. Readers can add a comment and tag names of other LinkedIn users who could be the perfect match for the job. Any such activity around this job post will also show up on the news feeds of connected LinkedIn members, further increasing your exposure.

Other LinkedIn free job posting options

LinkedIn relies on the power of networks— so don’t forget the value of your own. In addition to posting on your company page you can also:

  • Post jobs in LinkedIn Groups: many groups have a specific ‘Jobs’ section. Post a job here to attract people with the right mix of skills and interests.
  • Share a job on your LinkedIn profile: to be seen by your own professional connections

Where can I post job ads on LinkedIn?

Free and paid job postings on LinkedIn are an excellent resource but they’re not the only route to attracting the talent you need. Recruiting is a huge industry, and you’ll find an enormous range of additional free and premium job boards available.

Niche job boards can help when you’re looking for specialist skills or for people willing to work remotely or outside office hours. You’ll find job boards that cater for everything from accountants to zookeepers, full-time workers to seasonal or flexitime.

To make the best hire, you’ll need to post jobs on multiple job boards—LinkedIn included. But logging in and out of every board is a time consuming task, as is tracking the source of each candidate to see which job boards are providing the best value for money.

Post to multiple job boards with Workable
Effective recruitment software enables you to post to multiple job boards with one submission.

Effective recruitment software (an applicant tracking system or ‘ATS’) will automate these tasks, providing a way to post to multiple job boards with one submission. Once the job is posted in multiple locations, the software will gather all the applicants into a single recruiting pipeline. You’ll be able to browse candidate profiles alone or with a team, adding comments and notes as you go.

Instead of multiple spreadsheets and countless emails, recruiting software creates a personal, centralized hiring database automatically. The time saved can then be put to better use ensuring an excellent candidate experience and choosing the best person for the job.

Balancing time and money in recruiting

Only you will know the best way to work with your hiring team. Whether you’re posting jobs on LinkedIn, or using a mix of job boards and social media accounts, take some time to research all the options available.

More resources for posting jobs:

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