How to post a job on Indeed

Indeed is a household name for job seekers and employers alike. This mega-aggregator job search engine yields more than six times as many interviews as the next largest external candidate source. And it results in nearly 2.5 times as many hires as all the other top-branded job sites combined. So, posting your jobs on Indeed is a worthwhile investment.

How does Indeed work?

You can have your job ad appear on Indeed in four ways:

Post a job on Indeed: free vs. paid

Sponsored job ads are prominently displayed in Indeed’s search results. They have better visibility, as they don’t get buried under newer ads. According to Indeed, sponsored job postings get five times more clicks than free postings.

What does an Indeed job posting cost?

Indeed uses a pay-per-click model. With this model, you only pay for your ad when someone clicks on your job. Indeed cost per click charges vary. The higher the cost per click, the more visible your job ad will be.

So, if you set your average daily budget to $40 at a maximum $1 cost per click, you can get at least 40 clicks per day. When you reach your budget maximum, Indeed stops displaying your ad.

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Post a job on Indeed directly from your account

If you already have an Indeed account, just log in and click the “post a job” button in the top right corner. To post a job on Indeed for the first time, go to Indeed’s page for employers, and click the “post a job” button. You’ll be directed to a page where you can create your free Indeed account:

Post a job on Indeed: create an account
Screenshot via Indeed

Start filling out your job ad’s details in the provided fields. Spend some extra time on job descriptions, since they play a big part in Indeed’s quality control process. Good job descriptions include a comprehensive list of job duties and requirements, as well as benefits and perks.

When your job ad is ready, you can choose between simple and advanced pricing, or click the “Keep this job free” button. Posting your job for free doesn’t preclude you from sponsoring it later. Indeed gives you an estimate of how many applications to expect by using their free or paid options:

Post a job on Indeed: pricing
Screenshot via Indeed

Simple Indeed pricing vs. advanced pricing

Here’s a breakdown on the differences between simple and advanced pricing for Indeed’s sponsored job ads:

Post a job on Indeed: simple vs. advanced pricing

You can set an expiration date for your job ad. Indeed doesn’t charge any fees for posting or taking down a job ad, and you can stop sponsoring or adjust your budget any time.

Indeed automatically generates a company page for you if your jobs appear on Indeed. When you create an employer account, claim your company page by clicking “Claim Your Page” on Indeed’s company pages site:

Post a job on Indeed: company page
Screenshot via Indeed

Post a job on Indeed indirectly

You can have your job ad appear on Indeed indirectly, without using your own Indeed account:

Indeed job posting aggregation

Indeed scans the web for high-quality job listings and includes them in its search results for free. When posting jobs on your careers page, ensure you provide each job posting with:

  • A clear job title
  • A job description
  • A location
  • A unique URL that Indeed can link to

You can also contact Indeed to ask them to index your careers site and submit an XML feed, which is a piece of code that provides Indeed’s search engine with information about your job site.

Sponsor Indeed jobs through your ATS

Your ATS likely integrates with Indeed, along with other job boards. Using an ATS simplifies the job application process and helps attract more quality candidates. Posting a job through an ATS saves time too, and helps you track your sponsored ads more effectively.

Post a job on Indeed: using an ATS
Screenshot via Indeed

Indeed’s quality standards

Indeed places a high value on candidate experience and aims to host job listings that are informative, respectful and reflect real job openings. If a job ad doesn’t meet Indeed’s standards, it may be removed.

Before confirming an ad, check that it follows Indeed’s job posting guidelines. Here are a few important ones:

Job titles

  • Add job titles that reflect each position’s title as it would appear on a business card. Avoid jargon and words like “ninja” or “rockstar.”
  • Keep the job title clean and relevant. Don’t include symbols or other information in the title, like salary or job type.

Job descriptions

  • Provide as much information as possible. Add all principal requirements, duties and benefits, as well as a description of your company. As a general rule, keep your job description around 700 words.
  • Don’t use inappropriate language. Avoid “he/she,” or words that indicate candidates’ age, gender identity or nationality. For example, instead of “native English speaker” use “English proficiency.” Also, don’t use profanity.

Candidate experience

  • Simplify your application process. Avoid asking candidates to fill out lengthy forms or navigate through different sites to apply to your job.
  • Ensure candidate information confidentiality. Make sure your application and record-keeping processes are secure.

Generally, Indeed doesn’t allow postings that advertise:

  • Career fairs
  • Franchise or training opportunities
  • Multi-level marketing positions

Indeed has other requirements too. For example, employers can’t re-post the same job ad within a short time, or post the same position in multiple locations without Indeed’s Multi-Location Tool. Also, Indeed will only display each job ad once, from the source closest to the employer. So, if you post your job both through your careers page and through recruiting agencies, Indeed will scrap the duplicates (unless they’re sponsored).

Indeed’s popularity and commitment to high quality job postings can help both candidates and employers find the best matches for their skills and needs. If you encounter any kind of quality issues, contact the support team at Indeed or your ATS to help you.

More resources for posting jobs:

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