Nikoletta Bika

Nikoletta Bika is a researcher and writer at Workable. She writes about the nuts and bolts of HR and recruiting, with a particular interest in interviews. She tweets @Nikoletta_Bika.

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How to evaluate talent sourcing tools and choose the right ones for your business

Choosing the right talent sourcing tools may seem like a Herculean task: tools range from browser extensions and resume databases to fully-fledged sourcing services. To make the process as painless...

Recruiting, Tutorials

Data-driven recruiting 101: How to improve your hiring process

Traditional recruiting used to rely on luck and intuition more than data, which was time-consuming to amass and analyze. Recruiters and hiring teams could only assume that their hiring methods...


Why your hiring shouldn’t hinge on thank-you emails

Sending thank-you emails to interviewers is part of a colossal body of unquestioned interview advice to candidates. Many interviewers use these messages to break ties between similar interviewees. Others might...

HR technology, Tutorials

10 of the best recruiting assessment tools

Pre-employment assessments, like work samples, cognitive ability tests and job knowledge tests, are good predictors of job performance. These assessments can be administered quickly and easily through well-designed software. Here's...

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How to structure employee compensation

Pay structures define employee compensation for different jobs or groups of jobs. They involve setting salary ranges and pay grades based on market data and job roles. Here’s our guide...

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What is the average time to hire by industry?

How does your time to hire measure up against companies that compete for the same candidates as you? Here’s research on the average time to hire by industry and business function,...

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How to measure talent pipeline metrics

A talent pipeline is a network of engaged passive candidates who can fill future roles in your company. Talent pipeline metrics help you measure the effectiveness of your sourcing strategies...

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How to post a job on Nexxt (formerly Beyond)

Beyond was one of the earliest job boards on the recruiting market. After recently rebranding itself as Nexxt, this job board has gone from offering simple job posting functions to...

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Job offer acceptance rate metrics FAQ

Job offer metrics help you measure the quality of your job offers and, by extension, your recruitment process. Here are frequently asked questions and answers on job offer metrics: What...

Recruiting, Tutorials

Candidate experience metrics FAQ

Here are frequently asked questions and answers on candidate experience metrics to help you create a welcoming hiring process for candidates and strengthen your employer brand: What is candidate experience?...

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