Nikoletta Bika

Nikoletta Bika is a researcher and writer at Workable. She writes about the nuts and bolts of HR and recruiting, with a particular interest in bias, interviews and teams. She tweets @Nikoletta_Bika.

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The best recruiting email templates for all scenarios

Communicating with candidates takes time but probably not as much as you’re currently spending. Well-crafted recruiting email templates will help reduce your workload and can give you direction to get...

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How to source candidates in a GDPR-compliant way with Workable

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new European data protection law and it applies to all organisations that process the data of EU residents. To protect people’s privacy,...

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The most common recruiting challenges and how to overcome them

If you had to name one thing as your biggest hiring headache, what would it be? It’s true that your answers might vary depending on the size of the company...

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Why and how to use the Workable API for integrations

Workable is recruiting software to manage the entire hiring process. It provides a complete overview of your open jobs and helps track every candidate who applies. You can also use...

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A guide to interview preparation for employers

When it comes to interviews, it’s good to ‘be prepared.’ Just like candidates spend time to research the company, interviewers should be ready to evaluate candidates properly and promote their...

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Singapore job boards: The best job posting sites for employers

Singapore has a vast selection of job boards, from mainstream to specialized and from international to local. Whether you’re a Singapore-based or multinational company hiring in Singapore, you’ll benefit from...

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Track candidate source and recruitment channels with Workable reports

To attract and source qualified candidates, you invest time and money - and both are in limited supply. If you could allocate your resources to only a handful of premium job...

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How to create a job posting for multiple job boards with Workable

For most companies, job boards are at the heart of the recruiting process. They consistently deliver qualified candidates at a relatively low cost and they're an integral part of a...

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The advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment

Hiring from inside your business makes sense because new hires are already part of your team and know your culture and policies well. But despite the benefits of internal recruitment,...

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Tips for making a job offer to a candidate

The process of making a job offer to a candidate may appear simple at first glance: you create the offer letter, ask management to approve and send it to candidates....

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