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Hiring construction workers: 5 essential tips to get the best candidates

Hiring construction workers may prove tough in the current market, where unemployment is low and talent scarce. But, it’s not impossible to find great employees – you just need a targeted strategy.

hiring construction workers

Here are 5 tips to help you find the best construction workers for your company:

1. Write a good job ad

To attract candidates to your job openings, the first thing you need is a good job description. It needs to be informative (with clear duties and requirements) and transparent (e.g. outline the needs for physical labor or overtime work). Also, you need an attractive statement about your company, such as projects you’ve taken in the past, or perks and benefits you offer.

Wondering where to start? Here’s our library of construction job descriptions.

2. Post on effective job boards

Job boards like Indeed, Monster and Craigslist may help you reach out to qualified candidates. But, if you notice a shortage of relevant applications – assuming your job ad is written well – you may need to turn to niche job boards. For example, depending on where you’re hiring, check out Construction Jobs in the U.S., Careers in Construction in the UK, Canadian Construction Jobs, and so on. Here’s our list with the best construction job boards.

3. Offer apprenticeships

Your best construction workers may not be construction workers yet. For example, if you need carpenters, painters, welders, or other skilled workers in the long-term, a good solution would be to train recent graduates. To do this, you could partner with schools and other companies. Advertise your apprenticeship programs, too, to increase the visibility of opportunities you offer.

4. Use referrals

Who knows great construction workers? Your existing employees. Referred employees tend to stay longer at a company and they’re better culture fits. So, ask your employees if they can refer someone for your open roles. To make the process easier, you can use a platform to send messages to employees, keep track of referrals and help employees easily upload their referred person.

What does a referral platform look like? Get a demo to see how you can streamline the process and get more qualified candidates.

5. Look for veterans

Military veterans often have skills that are easily transferable into a business. For example, they may have experience building structures, driving, or other disciplines useful in construction. And, they’re available to start a new career. So why not reach out to organizations that support veterans (e.g. Hiring Our Heroes, CareerOneStop, VA.gov) or post on job boards for veterans (e.g. Military.com, HiringVeterans.com). Maybe your next best hire is there. Find more information on our complete guide to hiring veterans.

If you follow these tips when hiring construction workers, your hiring process can become much easier. Ensure you also provide candidates with a positive candidate experience to strengthen your employer brand and make hiring better in the long run.

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