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source on Twitter

Sourcing on Twitter: Advanced search strategies for recruiting

Sourcing passive candidates means being where they are, and many are on Twitter. (About 313 million each month). But with thousa...

Google Boolean search for recruiters

Sourcing on Google: Boolean search for recruiters

Most of us only use ‘Google-lite.’ We open Google, type in a phrase and hit enter. That’s fine, most of the time. But, not for r...

How to use Slack for recruiting

Slack is a cloud-based collaboration tool that gathers all of your team communication in one place. If you’re looking for creati...

How to source on Google+

The hottest trend in recruiting is social recruitment – using popular social networks, like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to so...

How to source passive candidates

Sourcing passive candidates isn’t just about finding them. It’s also about screening and engaging those candidates in conve...

Improve your recruitment sourcing strategy: five lesser-known methods

Sourcing strategies for recruiters are a work in progress. They can always be reshaped and improved with new techniques and tech...

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