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HireVue uses Workable integrations to scale up and automate hiring

HireVue provides recruiters with digital video software to attract and assess candidates and build new, high-performing teams. Using Workable’s suite of integrations it automated workflow to scale up its hiring operation and build a better candidate experience.

The challenge

The solution

  • Fast-growing company with an urgent need to hire more talent
  • Small talent acquisition team committed to screening every video interview submitted
  • Integrate Workable with Zapier to automatically:
    • Trigger and schedule a series of follow-up emails
    • Send out video interview invitations to job applicants
    • Export candidate details from Workable to Google contacts
    • Import job candidates from Gmail into Workable
    • Receive Slack notifications for new Workable job applicants
    • Create marketing lists for future candidates using MailChimp
  • Use Workable’s API to automatically post jobs to Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Integrate with Namely to automate onboarding

The challenge: Small talent acquisition team, big hiring operation

HireVue provides recruiters with digital video software to attract and assess candidates and build new, high-performing teams. Founded in 2004, it’s since seen significant growth with Fortune 500 companies and demand for its software continues to soar.

Growing demand for its services has sparked an ongoing need for more talent. But, with a small talent acquisition team, upholding HireVue’s commitment to screening every video interview submitted required a smarter approach to managing workflow.

The solution: Automate workflow using hiring software with built-in integrations

Being a smart-tech company, HireVue had already invested in an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage recruitment. But the ATS wasn’t growing at the same pace as HireVue. It didn’t support the fully integrated approach required to meet the growing needs of the business.

“We had an ATS we liked. But it didn’t allow collaboration with our wider team,” says Head of Global Talent, John Grotegut. “It met some of our automation needs, but not everything.”

So they started researching other platforms. And discovered Workable.

“One of our requirements was for everyone to easily see the workflow and the process and to be involved as and when they need to be,” says John. “Workable met this need perfectly. But what also swayed us was Workable’s integration with Zapier.”

Linking apps, triggering workflows, sharing information across different tools, HireVue quickly saw the benefits of Zapier’s integration with Workable’s ATS.

“When candidates apply to a job they get an initial email from Workable,” says John. “But using Workable alongside Zapier meant we could also create an additional, automated series of events. For example, thanking candidates personally for applying, and giving them more info about our company and our values.”

The outcome: Less admin, more talent, and a better candidate experience

Using a powerful combination of Zapier, Workable and its own systems, HireVue has set in motion a series of ongoing, automated actions.

“Zapier allows us to delay and customize emails, “ says John. “As soon as someone applies for a role we send out a series of follow-up emails.”

From triggering candidate emails to importing candidates into Google; setting up Slack alerts for new applicants to creating marketing lists through MailChimp; time-consuming but essential admin tasks are lifted from the team. This creates a more effective hiring process and frees up valuable time for sourcing passive candidates.

“This is us using some of our technology, some of Workable’s technology, and then combining it with Zapier,” says John. “We can keep candidates warm and notified throughout with some clever automation despite being a small team.”

Linking up with Zapier triggered a series of different, time-saving integrations for HireVue. All achievable through Workable’s ATS.

To automate onboarding, the team use Workable’s integration with HR, payroll and benefits platform, Namely. Information about hired candidates is now exported directly from Workable into HireVue’s Namely account. A simple, one-off setup ensures all available candidate data feeds directly into Namely on an ongoing basis for all future hires. So everything from contact information to start dates, from resumes to LinkedIn urls.

To automate job-posting, the team uses APIs provided by Workable to add new positions to its Linkedin Recruiter and Facebook accounts. HireVue already maximises exposure using Workable’s one-click integration with multiple free and premium job boards. By also syndicating Workable with these two key professional networks they ensure hiring information is visible and consistent across all accounts.

The future: Continuing to build great processes and automate workflow

New integrations supported through Workable’s ATS continue to enrich HireVue’s tech stack.

“Workable opens the door to more than just applicant tracking. It’s continually adding new integrations to make hiring better and easier for its customers. If we’ve got an integration we’d like Workable to support we know they’ll do their best to build it.”

And they’ve already got plans for using future product developments to enrich their automated workflow.

“We can’t wait to use the features being developed as part of this year’s product roadmap,” says John. “The approvals and referrals tools will make a big difference to us. We’re using Gsheets and some automation for approvals, but can’t wait to use Workable instead.”

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