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boomerang employees

Boomerang employees: should you target them?

Explore the benefits of hiring boomerang employees and how they can enhance your company's growth. Learn why nearly half of form...

leadership challenges

Your roadmap to deal with leadership challenges

Alex and Andrew Geesbreght, founders of PRAX Leadership share their extensive experience and valuable insights on navigating tod...

Grow your talent pool with AI 

Grow your talent pool with AI 

How can AI be used to grow talent pools through advanced sourcing, integration with existing systems, and talent analytics? ...

Hiring Pulse

Your Hiring Pulse report for May-June 2024

Does it seem like the roller coaster effect is nearing its end? In the latest edition of our Hiring Pulse, we're witnessing a su...

salary estimator tool

Six reasons why your company needs a salary estimator tool

Let’s face it. Offering fair and competitive salaries is crucial. Employees are more informed than ever, and compensation transp...

Decoding office etiquette

Decoding office etiquette: guiding interns effectively

Interns often struggle with office etiquette, from dress codes to punctuality and communication norms. Clear, explicit guideline...


Top HR terms any HR professional should know today

Having you here reading this article can mean two things: either you're a new HR professional eager to learn more about the job,...

attract top talen

How Casio transformed its hiring process to attract top talent

Samantha Vallins, Senior HR & Payroll Executive at Casio, recently shared insights with us into how the company has modernized i...

AI on talent acquisition

Top Employers Institute on how AI is reshaping talent acquisition

From AI-driven tools reshaping talent attraction strategies to the importance of balancing technology with human touch, this int...

upgrade FLSA

Upgrade FLSA: legislation vs free market in employment

The Evil HR Lady provides insights on the recent update of the minimum salary for exempt employees in the US – and offers her un...


WeyMedia: insights on mitigating recruitment headaches

Nikita Garner, Administrative Manager at WeyMedia, offers insights about their hiring process and how it involves not only the d...


Top HR influencers you should follow in 2024

Do you think influencers are only about posting fancy photos and running giveaways? What if I told you there's a different breed...

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