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Whether prescribed or organic, culture plays a huge role in a company’s growth and performance. Build – or nurture – those intangibles here that inspire your team to excel.

Do Your Corporate Values Reflect Reality?

Do your corporate values reflect reality?

When the labor market is tight and attrition rates are high, we try even harder to convince prospective employees of the benefit...

employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing: Caring for your people

Employee wellbeing encompasses mental, physical, emotional, and economic health, influenced by workplace relationships, resource...

The power of a corporate retreat: 5 reasons why you should do it

The power of a corporate retreat: 5 reasons why you should do it

Corporate retreats boost morale, foster collaboration, and save money. They provide an inclusive environment for socializing, re...

Horrible workplaces: The signs of a hostile work environment and what to do about it

Horrible workplaces: The signs of a hostile work environment and what to do about it

A horrible workplace, also known as a hostile work environment, is one where employees feel uncomfortable, scared, or intimidate...

Key elements of a great company culture – the story of Proxyclick

We often hear about companies with a great culture. Whether they’re big names like Google, smaller up-and-coming startups, or lo...

Why is cultural fit important in recruiting? It's about valuing people

Why is cultural fit important in recruiting? It’s about valuing people

Discover how changing your recruitment approach can lead to better harmonized teams and improved productivity. This article pres...

Hiring for culture fit

Hiring for culture fit: The key to attracting and retaining talent

If you wonder why recruiting is a big challenge for most organizations — and why retaining stellar employees often becomes...

why business isn't a family

Why your business isn’t a ‘family’

Businesses with good intentions refer to their companies as a “families” in product pages, careers pages, job descriptions and e...

How to improve your employer brand

Employer branding is important. Companies with strong brands (a good reputation among employees) attract high-quality candidates...

The dishonest myth of work-life balance

There are some truly bad ideas that are nonetheless born survivors. The notion of “work-life balance,” popularized in the 1980s,...

toxic employees

How to identify and address ‘toxic employees’

Toxic employees can be identified by their overconfidence, self-centered attitudes, and lack of cooperation. They often disrespe...


The problem with hiring for ‘culture fit’

Culture fit is trending again—but not in a good way. In the 70s, organizational psychologist John Morse conducted an experiment ...

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