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screen resumes with ChatGPT

Screening resumes with ChatGPT: a step-by-step guide

Mastering how to use ChatGPT in recruitment can let you do the same work as a team of HR interns. All you need to know is how to...

AI in recruitment

How to use AI for human touch in recruitment

Using AI in the recruitment process can help you find better candidates more efficiently than you could otherwise. The caveat is...

chatgpt 4o HR

Four ways that ChatGPT 4o will improve your HR work

Everyone is talking about it. The latest version of ChatGPT is a total breakthrough and surprises don’t stop here. How could thi...

AI in employee retention

AI-powered employee retention: using data to reduce turnover

With 78% of employee departures preventable, the cost of turnover extends beyond finances, affecting morale and productivity. AI...

ChatGPT for career development planning

Use ChatGPT to make a career development plan, with prompts

Career development plans in your company can result in a 34% increase in employee retention. This tutorial guides HR professiona...

Upskilling opportunities for HR professionals

Upskilling opportunities for HR pros in the AI revolution

No longer confined to traditional practices, HR now stands on the cusp of a technological renaissance, promising efficiency, inn...

How to write better HR policies with ChatGPT: a guide

Create airtight, effective HR policies tailored to your company culture with ChatGPT. This guide makes HR documentation fast and...

how to use ChatGPT and Workable to create job descriptions

How to use ChatGPT & Workable to make better job descriptions

Elevate your recruitment game by using ChatGPT to make better job descriptions. Save time, attract quality candidates, and ensur...

AI-driven HR KPIs

What are the new KPIs for HR in this new AI-driven world?

As AI technologies become increasingly integrated into HR operations, there is a pressing need to redefine Key Performance Indic...

chatgpt for remote hiring

ChatGPT for remote hiring: using AI to recruit beyond borders

ChatGPT can improve time and cost efficiencies, enhance candidate engagement, and simplify the interview process when hiring rem...

How to overcome bias with ChatGPT: a complete guide

Learn to use ChatGPT for blind resume screening, standardized interviews, and employee feedback analysis, fostering a diverse, e...

bias and privacy in AI in HR

Addressing bias and privacy challenges when using AI in HR

Exploring the intersection of AI and human resources, this article delves into the challenges of bias and privacy. It highlights...

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