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How to write an RFP for HRIS to select the right vendor

This guide offers insights into writing a compelling RFP for an HRIS, equipping you with the knowledge to evaluate various HRIS ...

predictive analytics for employee retention

Predictive analytics: why it matters for employee retention

Predictive analytics in HR leverages data and AI to enhance decision-making, identifying at-risk employees and optimizing retent...

company policies you should have

18 policies every organization should have (+templates)

Keeping your business structured and compliant, policies provide essential guidance and clarity for decision-making and behavior...

ChatGPT for career development planning

Use ChatGPT to make a career development plan, with prompts

Career development plans in your company can result in a 34% increase in employee retention. This tutorial guides HR professiona...

ROI of HR technology

The ROI of HR technology integration explained

Understanding the ROI of HR technology is more than a matter of financial calculus, it's about appreciating its impact on the mo...

middle managers

Why middle managers are so unhappy – and what you can do

With 70% of team engagement linked to managerial influence, supporting middle managers has a clear correlation with improved bus...

Upskilling opportunities for HR professionals

Upskilling opportunities for HR pros in the AI revolution

No longer confined to traditional practices, HR now stands on the cusp of a technological renaissance, promising efficiency, inn...

Email best practices in the modern hybrid workplace

Learn essential email best practices for thriving in a hybrid work environment – ensuring clarity, directness, and appropriate u...

How to write better HR policies with ChatGPT: a guide

Create airtight, effective HR policies tailored to your company culture with ChatGPT. This guide makes HR documentation fast and...

common pitfalls in HRIS implementation

Avoiding common pitfalls in HRIS implementation

Implementing a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) can be a transformative step for organizations aiming to streamline HR p...

Kate Photoshop

The Kate Photoshop fiasco: 3 major lessons for employers

Everyone's in a tizzy over the whole Princess Kate Photoshop debacle. And you know what? There are valuable lessons here for emp...

Optimize your Hybrid work environments

Optimize your hybrid work environments – Here’s how

Yes, you can optimize your hybrid work environments to make it easier for everyone to live and work in these peculiar times. The...

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