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Announcing our new integration with Spark Hire

One of the recurring themes at Workable this year has been the steady expansion of our partner services. We're able to offer our customers access to a suite of specialist recruiting tools as a result of the launch of our Developer Partner Program and APIs in the spring.

Content team
Content team

Content manager Keith MacKenzie and content specialist Alex Pantelakis bring their HR & employment expertise to Resources.

While we’re confident that we’ve built the best recruitment software available on the market today, we also know that our customers use additional tools to complement their existing hiring process. That’s why this year we’ve added partners who offer skills and aptitude assessments, coding challenges, specialized sourcing tools, HRIS platforms, and onboarding solutions just to name a few.

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our first video interview integration with our latest partner, Spark Hire.

Spark Hire is an easy-to-use video interviewing platform with 3,000+ customers in over 100 countries. It’s used by organizations to make better hires, faster than ever before.

Why use video interviews?

If you’re new to video interviews, these are some of the reasons why their uptake is gaining momentum:

More efficient candidate screening
With a full candidate pipeline and a busy hiring team, interviews can take not just time, but resources. Juggling interview schedules with multiple candidates and a busy hiring team is tough. The higher the volume of qualified candidates, the more complex this becomes. Video interviews with a tool like Spark Hire help you screen and evaluate candidates at a time that works for everyone.

After receiving your interview request, candidates can answer your questions on their own time. When they’re ready, you can review the completed video interviews at your convenience. This makes it easy to screen candidates prior to an on-site interview, and to compare candidates early in the hiring process.

For candidates who are applying remotely, video interviews can also save on budget by avoiding costly travel expenses for early round interviewing.

Better collaboration with the hiring team
It’s important to get feedback from hiring managers early on in the process. Workable already makes collaboration easier, with trackable communication on the candidate profile. Now with Spark Hire, Workable also keeps a record of the interviews sent and received. Share the candidate profile with your hiring team, and they can review everything from the resume and application form to the pre-recorded video in just a few clicks.

If your team is busy at certain times, or even out of the office, Spark Hire eliminates the issue. Hiring Teams can log in from anywhere to review the videos and leave their feedback.

A fairer, more consistent process
It’s well known that a structured interview is almost twice as effective as the common unstructured interview. Workable already provides interview kits and scorecards to help structure your process, and Spark Hire follows the same principles. By pre-setting your interview questions, every candidate has the same opportunity to succeed, by answering the same questions, in the same order. This makes it easy to compare interviews – and unlike a regular conversation, the recordings are available to re-watch when you need them.

Making the connection

Connecting your Spark Hire and Workable accounts will enable you to send one-way video interviews to candidates as they move through your hiring pipeline. When a candidate arrives at an assessment stage, you can send the video request directly through Workable. After the candidate completes the interview, you’ll receive a notification and you and your team can view the video directly from the candidate’s profile in Workable.

Wondering what questions you should ask? Our Guide to Structured Interview Questions could help.

More integrations coming soon

We have many more exciting integrations to announce in the coming months. Watch this space to learn more! If you’re a software provider and would like to integrate with Workable, find out more about our Developer Partner Program and apply to be a partner today.

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