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Announcing the Workable Developer Partner Program and developer APIs

Over 6000 customers worldwide rely on Workable to manage their recruitment from start to finish. And we’re constantly working on new features and updates to make sure that you have the tools needed to make hiring as pain-free as possible.

Content team
Content team

Content manager Keith MacKenzie and content specialist Alex Pantelakis bring their HR & employment expertise to Resources.

However, we recognize that many of our customers use other systems and services as part of a larger eco-system of HR tools. Bringing the functionality of those services into Workable is often essential for customers to reduce the inefficiencies of working across multiple systems.

The Developers’ API

Today we are excited to announce the launch of our latest APIs for providers of Skills/Behavioral Assessments, Coding Challenges, Background Checks, and Video Interviews as well as multiple updates to our existing APIs that make it even easier for providers of HRIS/onboarding and Sourcing solutions to build integrations directly with Workable.

In conjunction with this API release, we’ve also created a new Developers site where customers and vendors can find the resources needed to build these integrations. Whether you’re a Workable customer who wants one of your external services to build a custom integration, or a provider who wants to enable your services for interested Workable customers, we invite you to review the documentation.

Launch partners

As excited as we are about announcing these updates, we are even more excited to announce our initial partners who will be releasing their integrations in Q2 2017.


CriteriaCorp is a leading provider of online pre-employment aptitude, personality and skills tests. The partnership brings the power of their intuitive testing platform, HireSelect® , to Workable customers. The integrations allows customers to quickly identify top talent by deploying assessments directly through the Workable Platform, and viewing test results right in the Candidate Timeline.

Video interview

Conducting video interviews has become an essential tool for many employers and Workable customers who use Spark Hire or HarQen will now be able to coordinate these interviews and review the recorded sessions from inside their Workable account.

Coding challenges

Recruiting great technical talent can be one of the biggest challenges companies face. Codility makes assessing coders a breeze – even for those without a technical background. Their integration with Workable will enable recruiters and hiring managers to seamlessly use Codility assessments and interview tools within the Workable interface.


Without great candidates in the pipeline it’s impossible to make a great hire. With our updated and improved APIs for managing external candidates, Workable customers can now integrate with the sourcing tool of their choice including our latest partners: Hired and Yborder. Workshape already integrates with Workable, as recently announced.


A new employee’s journey is just beginning when an offer is accepted. The critical activities that occur between accepting an offer and their first day can be the difference between an employee hitting the ground running or being left bogged down in paperwork in their first days. Workable customers can start the onboarding process and create a new employee record the moment a candidate has been hired via the Onboarding integrations with Sapling and Click Boarding and the HRIS integration with bob in the UK.

As you can see we’ve been very busy behind the scenes at Workable to create an ecosystem that brings all of your most valued tools recruiting tools into the our platform. Continue to watch this space for more partnership and integration announcements in the near future. Solutions providers who are interested in building an integration of their services for all Workable customers can apply to be an official Workable partner via our Developer site.

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