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From new hire to engaged employee: our integration with Sapling is live

Since the launch of our updated APIs and Developer Partner Program in March, we've been working with other HR technology vendors to integrate more products and services into the Workable ecosystem.

sapling integrates with Workable

We’ve added services to help you source tech talent for your open positions and tools to help you assess the aptitude and skills of those candidates. Workable is streamlined to help you hire more effectively for your organization.

But making the hire is just the first step in the journey of a new employee. What happens between the offer acceptance and the new employee’s first day on the job can be the difference between an engaged new team member or the one in five who quit their job within 45 days.

Onboarding is more than paperwork

To create a successful onboarding experience, it’s important for companies to start showcasing their culture before day one. That’s why today we are excited to announce the launch of our latest partner, Sapling, who empower companies to solve and automate the onboarding challenge.

Sapling create structured and repeatable onboarding programs that promote new hire success. From introductions to fellow team members to the distribution of important documentation, and setting up the new hire’s environment.

Data entry? Done!

Workable integrates with Sapling for onboarding

If you’re already using Workable for applicant tracking and Sapling for onboarding, you’ll know that with the joy of every new hire comes the drag of data entry. This new integration fixes that.

Connect your Sapling account to Workable and an employee profile is created automatically in Sapling as soon as a candidate is moved to the ‘Hired’ stage in Workable.

The data transferred into Sapling includes:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Job Title
  • Department
  • Personal email address
  • Personal phone number

Once the information is transferred, you can start making your new employee feel right at home.

More integrations coming soon

It might be summer, but our work is not yet done. We have more exciting announcements coming up! Stay tuned here and in the newsletter for details of our expanding ecosystem. If you’re a software provider, find out more about our Developer Partner Program and get involved.

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