4 tips for hiring in the new year

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Recruiting, like the climate, has distinct seasons. And the great thing about these cycles is that they’re predictable. We like predictable, it’s good for business, investment and hiring. The coming of the new year means more candidates are more available for interviews, teams are back in the office, and consensus is possible for hiring decisions. With full employment approaching in the U.S. and a hiring surge predicted in much of Europe it can sound like tough terrain, but we assure you that there are ways to get ahead. Here’s how hiring managers and recruiters can make the most out of the new year.

Hiring forecast for January 2016

On top of the expected seasonal hiring spree in January, the first quarter hiring outlook for 2016 is the strongest it has been in nearly a decade. The Manpower Employment Group reports that one in five U.S. businesses plan to add new employees to their ranks.

There will be lots of employers in the game and a shortage of workers with the right skills for the job. In addition, 2016, like the year before, will be a candidate-driven market. Nearly half of all recruiters report that their candidates’ top reason for rejecting their opportunities is accepting another offer.

Fill your talent pool

You know that saying, “always be recruiting”? It turns out that it really works. An active pipeline of candidates can shorten the hiring process by 75 percent. In addition to investing in job boards, you can fill your talent pool by tapping internal resources like employee referrals and your own network. Don’t forget that three out of the four people you want to hire aren’t looking for new work. Start connecting with those “passive candidates” ASAP with some guidance from the best recruiters around.

Write realistic job descriptions

Know the difference between what you want and what you need. If you don’t know a single person with all the requirements you’re asking for, it’s time to give those job descriptions another scrub. It’s worth the effort to do so because it encourages more candidates to apply. Being transparent about the job’s true demands also decreases the likelihood of a costly mismatch in hiring. Use these writing tips to write more realistic job descriptions. Our library of free job description templates is also a good place to start.

Build your employer brand

It has never been easier for candidates to research whatever they need to know about your company. And, that’s exactly what most candidates do. Be ready for job seekers’ scrutiny by building your employer brand. Your employer brand, in a nutshell, is everything that positions your company as a desirable place to work. Now is a great time to shine a light on the mission, culture, perks, and career growth opportunities that make your company stand out from the rest. Our free company policies can be an ally in this task, since laying out the ethics and principles of your business (equal opportunity, accessibility etc.) can help you become more attractive as an employer.

Improve your candidate experience

What’s it like to apply for a job at your company? Every part of the experience, from filling out an application form to writing an offer letter or rejection letter, is a chance to impress your candidates. If you’ve created a negative candidate experience, you may be driving candidates away. These candidates may even discourage others from applying to your company.In-person interactions, such as interviews, are especially critical. Read up for easy ways to troubleshoot your candidate experience, and make use of our ready-to-ask interview questions.

What are you doing to prepare for peak hiring season? What else are you doing to get more candidates and revamp your hiring materials? Tweet us some fresh ideas at @Workable.

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Christine Del Castillo

Christine Del Castillo is the former Community Manager at Workable. She wrote about employee experience, talent brands and our event series, Workable Ideas. She tweets @chrissachrissa.

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