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The future of hiring: 7 of 10 say AI usage will rise

Workable's AI in Hiring & Work survey reveals that 68.1% think AI use in hiring will only go up in the near future. This is an excerpt from our AI in Hiring and Work survey report, based on responses from 950 hiring managers in the US and UK. Visit here to download the report in full.

Keith MacKenzie
Keith MacKenzie

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future of AI in hiring

Reflecting on the future of AI in hiring, the outlook is cautiously optimistic and grounded. That’s what we’re seeing in the dataset from Workable’s AI in Hiring & Work survey.

Notably, a substantial majority of respondents foresee a continued rise in AI usage within the hiring processes, with 68.1% of participants anticipating either a substantial or slight increase in the deployment of these tools in their companies’ recruitment strategies.

This suggests a broad acceptance and integration of AI as a beneficial component in streamlining and enhancing the recruitment process.

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Additionally, about one in five (24%) believe that the utilization of AI tools will remain consistent, underscoring a stable confidence in the technology’s current contributions to recruitment​​.

This forward-looking perspective is anchored in practical expectations rather than far-fetched predictions, indicating that the integration of AI into hiring processes is seen not just as a passing trend, but as a substantive shift towards more efficient, data-driven recruitment practices.

As AI tools become more sophisticated, they are likely to further influence how organizations attract, screen, and retain talent, potentially making the hiring process more predictive of candidate success and aligning it more closely with organizational goals and culture.

The industry lens

When breaking down the responses by industry, we see some interesting discrepancies in how each sees the future of AI in hiring.

Construction is far ahead of the pack (44% vs. 26.8% overall) in predicting substantial increase of AI in hiring over the next five years, while IT / Technology / SaaS (72.7% vs. 68.1% overall) predict a substantial or slight increase.

Retail is more likely to see a slight or even substantial decrease of AI use in hiring (9%) than the overall (5.8%).

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New report: AI in hiring and the workplace

Nearly a thousand hiring managers in the US and UK shared how they're using AI in hiring and in work. We now have a survey report with the findings.

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