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AI has positive impact on morale, say 52.4% of workers

Workable's AI in Hiring & Work survey reveals that AI integration has boosted team morale for 52.4% of employees, while only 5.2% felt a negative effect. This is an excerpt from our AI in Hiring and Work survey report, based on responses from 950 hiring managers in the US and UK. Visit here to download the report in full.

Keith MacKenzie
Keith MacKenzie

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The integration of AI into workplace workflows has stirred significant concern and anxiety among employees. As these technologies redefine roles and alter task requirements, the transformation provokes a sense of disruption that permeates through staff ranks.

We wanted to understand the depth of these concerns and fears among workers in our AI in Hiring & Work survey, and the results were actually optimistic. Workers are feeling pretty good about AI at work.

We can dig into it further, but right now, we will say that it’s likely because the “boring” parts of work are being automated, freeing up time to focus on the more interesting, challenging, and strategic elements of work. AI is the happy assistant that helps take care of those mundane tasks for you – and accurately too, if you manage it well.

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Back to the data: for one, we found that 71.9% of workers are generally comfortable with AI – and the actual disruption to jobs was minimal or even nil, with 71% reporting little or no displacement.

It’s understandable to expect otherwise though: the rise of AI means changes to daily tasks – some unpredictable, some welcome.

Out of this, big questions arise: are employees feeling invaded? Does it all feel a little more impersonal than before? Does the future see human roles continuously redefined by algorithms and machine-led processes?

So, it makes sense to ask in our survey: how does all this affect employee morale in grappling with these rapid adaptations demanded by AI implementation?

Again, optimism prevails. More than half (52.4%) say the integration of AI in workflows has had a positive impact on team morale.

Two out of five (39.4%), however, say there’s no real significant change to morale.

Negative impact? It’s barely one in 20, or 5.2% of employees responding as such.

So, even with the concerns around job security, morale remains strong. Perhaps employees are as excited as they are nervous about the impact of AI on their working lives.

The industry lens

Nearly seven out of 10 (68%) in Construction see a positive impact on team morale, a healthy 15.6 points above the overall. IT / Technology / SaaS follows closely behind at 66.5%.

Manufacturing (9.1% vs. 5.2% overall) and Healthcare (7.8%) are more likely to see a negative impact on team morale with the integration of AI at work.

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New report: AI in hiring and the workplace

Nearly a thousand hiring managers in the US and UK shared how they're using AI in hiring and in work. We now have a survey report with the findings.

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