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72% of hiring managers don’t trust AI to make hiring decisions

Workable's AI in Hiring & Work survey finds that 15.3% of hiring team members rely solely on humans to make final hiring decisions – and another 56.8% only use AI as a supportive tool in making that decision. This is an excerpt from our AI in Hiring and Work survey report, based on responses from 950 hiring managers in the US and UK. Visit here to download the report in full.

Keith MacKenzie
Keith MacKenzie

Passionate about human resources, employment, and business management, and an expert at sharing that expertise.

The acronym “GIGO” – or more elaborately: Garbage In, Garbage Out – exists for a reason. It’s the suggestion that a machine (albeit a little less evolved than an AI-driven machine) will only do exactly what you tell it to do.

New report: AI in Hiring 2024

We asked 950 hiring managers how they're using AI in hiring and in the workplace. And now we have a new survey report packed with insights for you.

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In other words, if it fails, or doesn’t deliver the results you intended, you’re at fault – because you were the one giving the orders to the machine..

This mindset is still relevant in today’s hiring landscape, and begs the question: how much do humans need to be involved in the use of AI in the hiring process?

Can you just push a button and let AI work its magic, and presto, you’ve got a new hire? “You will act as my hiring manager. You will look at this list of candidates and tell me to hire the best one based on their ability to do the job as outlined in the job description I have provided you with.”

That’s a fair prompt right there – and ChatGPT will respond accordingly if you give it the information it needs to make that hiring decision.

But maybe the question is better phrased as: do you use AI to help in the evaluation stages but not at all in the selection process?

The human-AI seesaw

Note that we’re not asking how much AI is being used or how much humans are involved in the entire process – we already know that to some extent above. Rather, where is the fine line between human and machine in that final decision – to hire?

Not a lot of trust is placed in AI in that case, it turns out. More than one in seven respondents (15.3%) say their choice of candidate continues to be a fully human decision, while an additional 56.8% say it’s mostly human, with AI merely as a supportive tool.

More than one in five (21.1%) maintain an equal balance between the two.

And for those letting AI drive decisions? Only 6.7% lean more towards (or rely entirely on) AI-driven recommendations when making hiring decisions.

The industry lens

IT / Technology / SaaS (75.8% vs. 72.1% overall) and Education (74%) lead the pack in terms of leaning towards human judgment.

Accounting (11.4% vs. 6.7% overall) and Education (9.2%) are more likely than the overall average to lean towards AI recommendations.

Accounting, in fact, is more than five times as likely (3.8% vs. 0.7% overall) to rely solely on AI recommendations.

Retail (31.3% vs. 21.1% overall) and Construction (29.3%) are most likely to put equal weight on human and AI when making that important final decision in hiring.

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New report: AI in hiring and the workplace

Nearly a thousand hiring managers in the US and UK shared how they're using AI in hiring and in work. We now have a survey report with the findings.

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