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Relationship Manager job description

A Relationship Manager is a professional who aids in developing and maintaining strong customer relationships, both within a company as well as with outside clients. They seek out new business opportunities for their clients while advising them on products or services that best fit their needs.

Relationship Manager responsibilities include:

  • Building positive relationships with customers
  • Assisting with generating new business
  • Identifying opportunities for greater profits

relationship manager job description

Job brief

We are looking for a Relationship Manager to build and preserve trusting relationships with our customers. We’ll rely on you to find ways to outperform our competition and maintain our company’s positive image.

To succeed in this role, you should be an excellent communicator, able to work with sales and marketing teams and build rapport with customers. We also expect you to be a strategic thinker with an analytical mind and strong problem-solving skills.

Ultimately, you’ll maintain strong relationships with our company’s clients to boost our brand and profits in the long-run.


  • Understand customer needs and develop plans to address them
  • Identify key staff in client companies to cultivate profitable relationships
  • Resolve customer complaints quickly and effectively
  • Forward upselling and cross-selling opportunities to the sales team
  • Promote high-quality sales, supply and customer service processes
  • Aim to preserve customers and renew contracts
  • Approach potential customers to establish relationships
  • Gain solid knowledge of competitors

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as a Client Relationship Manager
  • Knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) practices
  • Experience in sales or customer service is preferred
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Aptitude for fostering positive relationships
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Customer-oriented mindset
  • BSc/BA in Business Administration or similar field

Frequently asked questions

What does a Relationship Manager do?

A Relationship Manager creates and preserves strong relationships with clients, partners, or members of their team. They do this through active and engaged responses and consultation.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Relationship Manager?

Relationship Managers have many different day-to-day responsibilities, such as creating and maintaining positive relationships with clients, fulfilling the needs of their customers, and identifying opportunities for new relations and growth.

What makes a good Relationship Manager?

A good Relationship Manager should have an understanding of the company's products and services. They must also have great communication skills in order to know how they can best help clients with their needs and strengthen the relationship between the organization and the consumers.

Who does a Relationship Manager work with?

Typically, Relationship Managers work with a Key Account Manager to understand a client’s wants and needs in order to maintain the relationship.

Hiring Relationship Manager job description

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