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Payroll Clerk job description

A Payroll Clerk is a professional who is responsible for processing employees' paychecks by collecting their data and timesheets. Their duties include verifying work hours, issuing deductions from wages or other earnings statements to workers, and updating records regularly to keep things running smoothly within a company.


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Payroll Clerk responsibilities include:

  • Managing compensation packages using payroll software
  • Collecting and verifying timekeeping information for all employees
  • Calculating pay according to hours worked incorporating leaves and overtime

payroll clerk job description

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Job brief

We are looking for a qualified Payroll Clerk to assist in all activities regarding the management of employee compensation in the company. You will undertake a variety of tasks such as entering payroll information, calculating wages and making payments.

An excellent payroll clerk has great understanding of the concept of confidentiality. You will be experienced in entering data with attention to detail and will have good maths skills to make the necessary calculations. The ideal candidate will be a thorough professional with good communication abilities.

The goal is to carry out all payroll procedures with speed and accuracy.


  • Manage compensation packages using payroll software
  • Collect and verify timekeeping information for all employees
  • Calculate pay according to hours worked incorporating leaves and overtime
  • Calculate bonuses and commissions when appropriate
  • Manage and calculate taxes and deductions
  • Initiate periodical payments timely either by preparing and administering checks or making direct deposits through a bank payment system
  • Issues statements and invoices and maintain records
  • Update paper and electronic payroll records by entering adjustments on pay rates, employee status changes etc.
  • Calculate unemployment and severance payments
  • Deal with complaints and questions regarding payroll from employees and upper management
  • Investigate and resolve any discrepancies in payroll
  • Prepare and submit reports with payroll information to supervisor

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as payroll clerk or payroll manager
  • Familiarity with general accounting principles
  • Experience in data collection, entry and reporting with great attention to detail and confidentiality
  • Solid knowledge of relevant legislation, policies and regulations
  • Computer savvy with working knowledge of relevant software (e.g. Payforce)
  • Exquisite math and numerical skills
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent communication abilities with aptitude in problem-solving
  • High school diploma or equivalent; BSc/BA in accounting/business administration is a plus

Frequently asked questions

What does a Payroll Clerk do?

Payroll Clerks are responsible for making sure that all of the money owed to employees has been paid, and that any deductions from their paychecks have been taken. They also resolve any payroll discrepancies by collecting and analyzing information about what's going on with each person who works at their company--and make sure everything is up-to-date before checks can go out.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Payroll Clerk?

Payroll Clerks are responsible for maintaining payroll information by collating, calculating, and entering data. They also update records with changes in employee details or benefits like job titles that might occur over time. These responsibilities include preparing reports by summarizing earnings, tax deductions, leave policies, and non-taxable wages.

What makes a good Payroll Clerk?

A good Payroll Clerk requires having sharp attention to detail, analytical skills, and the ability to process data quickly. They also need strong financial understanding and excellent verbal communication abilities to manage employees' paychecks accurately each month.

Who does a Payroll Clerk work with?

A Payroll Clerk works closely with the human resources representatives in their company and many other payroll positions, including the Payroll Coordinator, who helps process payroll transactions within their company.

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