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How Bevi doubled in size in a year using Workable

Bevi is a rapidly growing startup bringing customizable, healthy hydration to sites across the US and Canada. Since launching in 2013, demand for their machines has rocketed. But success brings its own challenges, and in Bevi’s case that challenge was hiring better people, faster. 

Fiona McSweeney
Fiona McSweeney

Fiona is an expert in product marketing, sharing industry news, product releases and backstage stories.


The challenge

The solution

  • Using emails and spreadsheets for candidate data
  • No consistent hiring process
  • No resilience or systems to scale
  • Poor communication with no tracking
  • Streamline and speed up recruitment using automated applicant tracking
  • An intuitive interface which guarantees fast, company-wide global uptake
  • A visible pipeline that follows a sales-funnel approach
  • Interview scorecards to standardize and measure the interview process
  • Customizable careers pages to promote employer brand
  • Wide-reaching, one-click job board posting to maximize reach in seconds
  • Flexible pricing options to meet company budget.

The challenge: Hire better people, faster

Bevi needed to build a bigger team, powered by the right people in the right roles. But their approach to recruitment was failing them.

“Our hiring process was a disaster,’ says Lauren Della Morte, People Operations Manager at Bevi. “Everything went into a generic ‘Jobs’ inbox. So it was very difficult to keep track of who was interviewing who and to share feedback on candidates. We’d either update each other verbally, in passing, which meant no documentation, or through email exchanges, which dragged on forever.”

Without a formal system in place, recruitment was ad-hoc, differing from person to person. This impacted their employer brand as well as their internal workflow.

“People weren’t consistent in how they were hiring,” says Lauren. “Not even with posting open roles on our own site. As well as being inefficient, this made a poor impression on applicants and passing talent.”

They had an enthused and engaged culture of referrals. But there was no way of managing these effectively.

“It’s great to have internal referrals,” says Lauren. “And we were lucky in this respect. A lot of people would say ‘Oh, I know this person. They’re great. Let’s get them in.’ So we’d get them in. And, if we hired them, we’d work out the job description afterwards. Which is fine when you’re a very small company. But we’re trying to rapidly scale, so it was never a long term option.”

Even at the end of the funnel—having complete the selection process—there was no guarantee that successful candidates would translate into future employees. A slow, cumbersome offer letter and approvals process risked losing them their preferred hires.

“Our offer letters were flying around all over the place,”says Lauren. “They were PDFs and it was impossible to track them. I was doing intermediary stuff, putting everything in DocuSign. But the problem with that is it’s tricky to amend when details need to be changed. And then there’s the challenge of sharing offers and updates with hiring managers and whoever else needs to approve. Not to mention actually sending and signing the offer!”

The solution: Right product, right features, right price

Bevi knew that automating the hiring process to streamline and speed up recruiting was the answer. But finding the right recruiting platform was crucial.

“We started looking for an applicant tracking system (ATS) and were already 90% down the road of choosing between two platforms we’d pinpointed,” says Lauren. “But, after talking to Workable at a Talent Hackers event, we were so impressed we got on the phone straight after to find out more. We quickly saw the benefits of Workable over the other two platforms. We made our decision, and the rest is history.”

For them, the design and function of Workable’s product was the deciding factor.

“We went with Workable because of the product features. Workable had the type of user interface we’d been looking for. It was so intuitive.

“Our hiring managers wanted to see a sales funnel approach for each of the roles,” says Lauren. “And Workable’s visual hiring pipelines offered a perfect overview of the different stages in the funnel.”

Workable’s intuitive software provided the right balance of structure with manageable customization. On a pricing plan that suited them.

“We loved the interview scorecards,” says Lauren. “And that there were different levels of customizable careers pages. The ability to post jobs and achieve a powerful reach was so easy. You can post to loads of different boards with just one click. The pricing options really worked for us, too.”

Having made their decision, it took just a few weeks to get everyone using Workable.

“The implementation process couldn’t have been better,” says Lauren. “I had a really patient support consultant who sent clear documentation and made immediate time for me whenever I was ready.”

“We trained our hiring managers using a webinar provided by Workable. This worked really well. We recorded it and made it available across three different time slots for them to view. Everyone attended. But Workable is so user-friendly you don’t need much, if any, training.”

The outcome: Bigger teams and a better hiring experience

Fast forward one year and Bevi have doubled in size since implementing Workable.

“We’ve definitely achieved our goal of hiring better people faster,” says Lauren. “The whole process is much easier, far quicker and much more streamlined.”

But that’s not the only change.

“We’re also able to offer a richer, more cohesive experience for candidates,” says Lauren. “We love the fact we can integrate other tools and apps, like Namely, with Workable. This means we can build a richer hiring toolkit and offer our candidates a better hiring experience.”

And they’re now able to harness the true power of their employee network.

“Using Workable we can now track and manage employee referrals,” says Lauren. “We just need the name of a prospect and Workable does the rest. It builds an organized and detailed candidate profile and we just click to add it into our hiring pipeline. And because everything’s recorded in the system we can build a formal program of referrals where everyone benefits and is recognized.”

The future: Unlocking potential and building a richer hiring portfolio

With a streamlined process in place and running seamlessly, Bevi’s focus has shifted. They’re now working on enriching their hiring toolkit using the full suite of features Workable has to offer.

“With Workable it’s more about us unlocking potential and really taking advantage of everything that it can do,” says Lauren.

Unlocking potential also means making the most of product enhancements and future integrations.

“The way Workable shares news of new product releases and integrations really works for us,” says Lauren. “Communication is to-the-point, relevant and helpful—no fluff. This makes it easier for us to see at a glance what’s on offer and how it could work for us.

“We could see immediately how the new Offer and Approvals feature would meet one of our major pain points—getting offers sent and accepted faster. As soon as we heard about it, we registered for the webinar and had all the info we needed to transform our clunky process. We know there are even more more exciting things to come and can’t wait to try them out.”

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