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Workable partners with Indeed Assessments to offer free candidate screening tools

In keeping with Workable’s goal to help employers connect to the best talent faster, we’ve recently expanded our partnership with the popular job board, Indeed.

Content team
Content team

Content manager Keith MacKenzie and content specialist Alex Pantelakis bring their HR & employment expertise to Resources.

From May 14th 2018, Indeed are offering a free suite of candidate assessment tools, Indeed Assessments, accessible via Workable.

Hiring assessments provide a data-driven approach to recruitment. They can help to remove hiring bias by creating a level playing field for every candidate.

“Resumes are not enough—they offer just one dimension of a candidate’s experience and are time consuming for hiring managers and recruiters to sift through,” said Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product at Indeed. “Assessments also help to democratize hiring by giving job seekers an equal opportunity to showcase their qualifications when applying for jobs, so that they are able to find the right opportunities faster and easier.”

Empowering employers to assess candidates more easily

Indeed’s long term mission is ‘to help people get jobs’. In August 2017, they acquired Interviewed, the San Francisco-based candidate assessment specialists. At that time, Interviewed had helped companies to assess over 2.4 million candidates. Now with the combined power of Indeed job boards, companies can not only connect with, but assess candidates more easily.

A wide variety of candidate assessment tools for flexible screening

Indeed Assessments offers the flexibility to screen for the skills most relevant to your hiring needs. They provide 50+ ready-to-go candidate assessments covering cognitive and psychometric tests, computer, language and job skills.

Within these categories the candidate assessment tests span a wide range of job levels and industries, including technology, sales and customer service. Many of the tests feature interactive simulations of real life scenarios and are mobile friendly, making it easy for candidates regardless of their location.

A powerful recommendation engine

Through their recommendation engine, Indeed Assessments will suggest the most appropriate test for your role. As an employer you can choose from over 50 pre-built candidate assessments or custom build your own to fit your individual hiring needs.

Assigning tests and reviewing scores

Assessments help to provide a consistent candidate experience. Select the number of tests you want each candidate to receive (there’s no limit) and at which stage in the hiring pipeline. Send the tests directly via Workable and see the results on the Workable candidate profile, to objectively compare candidate performance.

Evaluate candidates quickly and fairly

Workable’s new pre-employment tests are backed by science and delivered directly through our platform. Hire the best candidates without ever leaving your ATS!

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