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Recruitment marketing

Great recruiters use their marketing skillset to their advantage to source and attract the best candidates. Learn how to build your employer brand, promote your job ads, and develop a community action plan to find top talent.

company culture changes

How to communicate company culture changes: Recruitment marketing tips

But right after the first interview runs, you realize that the majority of interviewees are confused about your new workplace se...

Remote employee engagement

Remote employee engagement: a new world of work

In this chapter, we address the following questions: What are the biggest problems in remote work? How can businesses overcome r...

upskilling and reskilling

Survey: Upskilling and reskilling in 2020

What’s more, one-third of them say their companies aren’t even able to cope with workplace disruptions from technological and ma...

remote work

Remote work trailblazer: Insights from SmartBug Media’s founder

“Everyone thought we were silly,” Ryan recalls. ”I remember people, partners of ours and larger companies who are now super-remo...

Workable's SVP of Marketing Doug Ellinger brings plenty of expertise to the table - including marketing through uncertainty during this unstable economic period.

Marketing through uncertainty: 6 tips from a marketing leader

Almost a decade later, the 2008 financial crisis hit. I was in my first VP Marketing role for a cash-strapped online auction sta...

covid-19 job ads

Job-related resources in light of COVID-19

Browse the following sections to find: Current job opportunities Job ad templates and interview question kits Places where you c...

employer branding for hiring tech workers

Hiring tech workers when you’re not on their A-list

And now, more and more businesses are investing in technology – which means hiring tech workers is on the rise in 2020. A new Sp...

Ace tech recruiting: advice from recruiters and candidates

Finding great employees is never easy. But tech recruiting, specifically, has challenges of its own: you need to look into the r...

Recruitment marketing strategy: why it pays to be authentic

Meet Susan. Susan is a copywriter and has just found an interesting job ad from the company “White Lies”. The role is what she’s...

Applying for jobs using a careers page

Designing careers pages that convert

As a product manager here at Workable, it’s my job to drive improvements to the candidate experience aspect of our product. My t...


What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing uses marketing strategies for hiring. It promotes a company’s employer brand to attract talent. Thro...

pragmatic recruiting framework

The Pragmatic Recruiting Framework: A lesson from marketing

I’m not a fan of the tired rhetoric of “Recruitment is just like X”. But let’s face facts: every discipline can learn something ...

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