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INFOGRAPHIC: Want to keep your employees? Give them what they need

We’re in interesting times. Employee retention rates are at crisis levels, and turnover is through the roof. This means you, the employer, need to understand what your employees – both present and future – are prioritizing in terms of work. And different groups have different priorities.

Content team
Content team

Content manager Keith MacKenzie and content specialist Alex Pantelakis bring their HR & employment expertise to Resources.

The key here is inclusivity. Providing multiple options to meet those needs will make a huge difference in terms of talent attraction and retention.

We at Workable and Bryq have the data to help you build your talent attraction package so you can attract – and keep – those star employees. Let’s dive in!

Want to see all the data in one place? Jump to the full infographic below or download it for your own files.

Remote work by gender

Employees who work remotely in their current role:

  • 51% men
  • 54% women
  • 52% overall

Employees who want to work remotely in their next role:

  • 65% men
  • 75% women
  • 69% overall

Nearly 70% of candidates are looking for remote roles, while female candidates are 15% more likely than male candidates to be looking for remote work.

What’s most important by gender

Breakdown of what workers most often cited as what’s most important to them in their next role:

Men Women
35% of men Better Advancement Opportunities 30% of women
24% of men Higher Salary 27% of women
16% of men Better Work-Life Balance 21% of women
12% of men More Meaningful Work 10% of women
8% of men Better Company Culture 7% of women

Both men and women prioritized the same things when looking for their next role but at different rates. Men looked for better advancement opportunities 16% more often than women and looked for more meaningful work 20% more often than women.

Women, however, looked for a higher salary 12% more often than men and looked for better work-life integration 30% more often than men.

What would lure someone from their present job to a new one:

62.2% of US respondents and  70.1% 0f UK respondents cite compensation as a top factor in deciding to move to a new company.

Support your employees’ home lives as well as their work lives

Females in the US are more than twice as likely as males to cite family priorities as the reason why they’re not working, with a difference of 39.4% vs. 19.3%.

In the UK, the difference is much more pronounced, with 41.7% of UK women and 6.7% of UK men citing family priorities as the reason why they’re not working.

Lack of advancement opportunities for minority workers

The percentage of each group in terms of how likely they’d leave their current job for another one with better advanced opportunities:

  • 27% American Indian- Alaskan Native
  • 31% Asian
  • 43% African-American
  • 34% Hispanic/Latino
  • 27% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
  • 25% Caucasian

Black workers are 70% more likely than white workers to leave their jobs for better advancement opportunities. In fact, white
workers were the least likely of all ethnicity groups to leave their roles for better advancement opportunities.

Workers with disabilities want remote work

Of the population of workers with a disability in the workforce, over 60% of them were already working from home. Going into 2022, a staggering 76% of workers with disabilities are looking to work remotely in their next role.

Younger workers are the future of our workforce

More than two out of five (42.8%) of those aged 21-29 say they’re actively looking for a new job, compared with just one quarter (24.7%) of those aged 50-59.

We live in a diverse society. A one-size-fits-all strategy can only get you so far. With flexibility in your benefits package and working environment, you’re providing an environment in which your employees can thrive.

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