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Restaurant Assistant Manager job description

A Restaurant Assistant Manager is a professional who is in charge of making sure that everything runs smoothly at your local restaurant. They are responsible for selecting, developing, and managing employees as well as overseeing inventory ordering processes to create maximum profit margins on every dish served.

Restaurant Assistant Manager responsibilities include:

  • Researching new wholesale food suppliers and negotiating prices
  • Calculating future needs in kitchenware and equipment and placing orders, as needed
  • Managing and storing vendors’ contracts and invoices
  • Overseeing restaurant staff performance, ensuring quality dining

Restaurant Assistant Manager job description

Job brief

We are looking for a Restaurant Assistant Manager to ensure all daily activities run smoothly and efficiently.

Restaurant Assistant Manager responsibilities include ordering kitchen utensils and equipment based on our needs, managing contracts and payroll and supervising restaurant staff performance. To be successful in this role, you should be familiar with restaurant operations and have a good understanding of what makes a great customer service. You should also be available to work within opening hours, including weekends and holidays.

Ultimately, you will help minimize operating costs, boost our employee retention and deliver a positive dining experience for our guests.


  • Research new wholesale food suppliers and negotiate prices
  • Calculate future needs in kitchenware and equipment and place orders, as needed
  • Manage and store vendors’ contracts and invoices
  • Coordinate communication between front of the house and back of the house staff
  • Prepare shift schedules
  • Process payroll for all restaurant staff
  • Supervise kitchen and wait staff and provide assistance, as needed
  • Keep detailed records of daily, weekly and monthly costs and revenues
  • Arrange for new employees’ proper onboarding (scheduling trainings and ordering uniforms)
  • Monitor compliance with safety and hygiene regulations
  • Gather guests’ feedback and recommend improvements to our menus

Requirements and skills

  • Work experience as a Restaurant Assistant Manager or similar role in the hospitality industry
  • Familiarity with restaurant management software, like OpenTable and PeachWorks
  • Good math and reporting skills
  • Customer service attitude
  • Communication and team management abilities
  • Availability to work within opening hours (e.g. evenings, holidays, weekends)
  • High school diploma; additional certification in hospitality is a plus

Frequently asked questions

What does a Restaurant Assistant Manager do?

Restaurant Assistant Managers ensure that the operations at a dining establishment are running smoothly to support profitability and provide an enjoyable experience for customers. These professionals work in conjunction with master chefs or head waiters, depending on what type of foodservice is available within a company's chain policies. They also oversee reservations management.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Restaurant Assistant Manager?

A Restaurant Assistant Manager is responsible for a variety of tasks, including scheduling shifts, seating customers, and caring for staff members. They must also ensure that the place abides by all applicable laws and promotes an enjoyable dining experience with excellent customer service.

What makes a good Restaurant Assistant Manager?

A good Restaurant Assistant Manager provides excellent customer service and ensures that the overall operation of the workplace runs smoothly. In order to do this job well, it is important not only to have knowledge about how restaurants work but also to feel comfortable working outside normal hours such as weekends or holidays.

Who does a Restaurant Assistant Manager work with?

The Restaurant Assistant Manager reports to the General Manager and Regional Vice President. In their day-to-day work, they assist customers and help restaurant staff with operations. They connect with kitchen staff and the Food and Beverage Manager to ensure all food and materials are available.

Hiring Restaurant Assistant Manager job description

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