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Dietary Aide job description

A Dietary Aide is a health professional who helps prepare and cook meals for patients. Their duties include preparing food dishes, delivering them to specific people or rooms and maintaining the cleanliness of the work area.


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Dietary Aide responsibilities include:

  • Setting up tables or other dining areas with attention to cleanliness and order
  • Preparing meals under the supervision of a dietary manager or cook
  • Delivering dishes and trays at designated times and rooms

dietary aide job description

Job brief

We are looking for a qualified Dietary Aide to prepare and serve food to people in our facilities. You will deliver dishes and ensure good sanitary condition in cooking and dining premises.

A Dietary Aide must be capable to prepare food following instructions while adhering to all safety and health standards. They must be competent and conscientious with a customer-oriented approach.

The goal is to provide excellent food services by following instructions and standards.


  • Set up tables or other dining areas with attention to cleanliness and order
  • Prepare meals under the supervision of a dietary manager or cook
  • Deliver dishes and trays at designated times and rooms
  • Take down dining areas and collect plates, glasses etc. 
  • Discard leftovers and take out garbage
  • Clean food stations and wash dishes, cooking vessels and silverware
  • Stock ingredients and monitor inventory
  • Assist in keeping track of expenses and menu planning
  • Help maintain kitchen equipment and appliances

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as a dietary aide
  • Further experience in customer service will be appreciated
  • Knowledge of sanitation and safety guidelines
  • Skilled in preparing meals according to instructions
  • Apt in operating cookware, bakeware and cooking appliances
  • Friendly with good communication skills
  • Good physical condition and stamina
  • High school diploma or equivalent; certification in food services is a plus

Frequently asked questions

What does a Dietary Aide do?

A Dietary Aide is responsible for preparing healthy meals and ensuring that patients have the proper foods based on their needs. They work closely with Dieticians, providing them details on allergies or restrictions to create plans accordingly.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Dietary Aide?

A Dietary Aide must prepare food according to instructions while adhering strictly to safety and health standards. They should have a customer-oriented approach, competence in all technical aspects of their job and an understanding of what customers' needs might be to meet those requirements with ease.

What makes a good Dietary Aide?

A good Dietary Aide must have strong attention to detail for all meal preparation to ensure patients receive appropriate food and nutritional needs. They also need strong communication skills since they work directly with patients, Dieticians and other medical professionals.

Who does a Dietary Aide work with?

Dietary Aids work with patients to ensure they get the nutrition they need throughout the day. They are supervised by a lead Dietician who oversees the distribution of food and drinks to patients throughout the shift. Depending on the facility, they can work directly with Chefs.

Hiring Dietary Aide job description

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