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Brand Strategist job description

A Brand Strategist is a professional who develops position recommendations for companies looking at developing or expanding their brands. They also help guide market research analysis and define a company's tone so that everything matches with campaign initiatives.

Brand Strategist responsibilities include:

  • Gathering feedback from sales and analyzing consumer behavior to define our company’s positioning
  • Crafting our differentiation strategy
  • Briefing our creative team about marketing projects they’ll be working on (for example ebooks, email campaigns and advertising banners)

Job brief

We are looking for a Brand Strategist to help us grow our reputation in the market and appeal to a larger audience.

Brand Strategist responsibilities include analyzing consumer insights, crafting plans for our creative team and developing guidelines to promote our company across various channels. To be successful in this role, you should have extensive experience with brand management and a good understanding of our industry.

Ultimately, you will ensure our brand message and tone are consistent across all online and offline channels.


  • Gather feedback from sales and analyze consumer behavior to define our company’s positioning
  • Craft our differentiation strategy
  • Create guidelines that define our company’s voice both online and offline (including terminology and slogans)
  • Brief our creative team about marketing projects they’ll be working on (for example ebooks, email campaigns and advertising banners)
  • Conduct competitive research to identify our strengths and weaknesses
  • Design promotional campaigns for new products and markets
  • Develop our social media strategy
  • Assess the performance of our advertising campaigns and events
  • Analyze market trends and identify new opportunities and challenges

Requirements and skills

  • Work experience as a Brand Strategist or similar role in Marketing
  • Portfolio of brand-building projects is a plus
  • Excellent understanding of the full marketing mix
  • Experience developing marketing strategies based on market segmentation
  • Data-driven thinking
  • Creativity
  • Communication and writing skills
  • BSc/MSc in Marketing or relevant field

Frequently asked questions

What does a Brand Strategist do?

A Brand Strategist helps a company create and maintain its image. They work with market research, positioning recommendations for products or services in different markets to enhance branding efforts as well develop marketing plans through trend analysis of current data on consumers' needs.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Brand Strategist?

Brand Strategists work with companies from developing an initial strategy all the way through execution. They use market data and trends to develop strategies that will guide them in creating more effective marketing plans for products or services, as well as enhancing what already exists with current brands.

What makes a good Brand Strategist?

A good Brand Strategist requires an understanding not only of perception but also how it can be marketed effectively so people will buy from them instead of somebody else.

Who does a Brand Strategist work with?

A Brand Strategist often works under the Brand Manager. They usually work closely with Marketing Strategists and Brand Ambassadors to create a cohesive message and implement it across various marketing channels.

Hiring Brand Strategist job description

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