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Email and calendars for hiring: not dead yet

When hiring teams make the switch from spreadsheets and email to recruiting with Workable, there’s often a palpable sigh of relief.

Content team
Content team

Content manager Keith MacKenzie and content specialist Alex Pantelakis bring their HR & employment expertise to Resources.

While there’s a real joy for hiring managers in the ability to advertise a job easily and track progress with data-driven recruiting reports, what really engages hiring teams is the candidate profile.

Candidate profiles emerge as the key points of reference throughout the hiring process. They keep track of how far along the pipeline the candidate has progressed, they store the resume, and they keep a full record of all the team feedback.

In short, Workable’s candidate profiles free hiring teams from the tyranny of the email inbox. Trying to remember who was really positive about a candidate and who had a few more questions? It’s a comment on the candidate’s profile. Not sure when the candidate said they could start? It’s on the job application form – available on the candidate’s profile. Need a link to their portfolio? Yep. Candidate profile.

And yet… email and calendars are still vital tools for hiring managers and recruiters. Why? Because the primary communication with a candidate usually takes place via email. And because your time is contested – you’re not just scheduling interviews with candidates, but meetings with your boss, calls with your team, clients and more.

Our latest updates tackle this brutal truth: you still need your external email and calendar when you’re recruiting. These apps are not dead yet.

Workable offers Google Apps integration

Our integration with Gmail has been online and live for a long time. If you’ve not used it yet, it enables you to reply to candidates from the place that suits you best – Workable, or Gmail. The two are synced, so that every email with a candidate is automatically tracked on the candidate’s timeline. You’ll also remain up-to-date whether you’re sending or receiving on desktop or Workable’s mobile app for iOS or Android.

A few months ago we launched an enhanced integration with Google Calendar. Now, when you’re inside Workable getting things done, you can check team availability (and your own), book a room, and schedule an interview time that works for everyone using your Google Calendar directly inside Workable. No need to switch apps and waste valuable time.

We also provide the option to customize your Google Calendar view inside Workable. If you’re not working weekends, and you have preferred office hours, customize your calendar to weekdays and your specified hours only. Reduce the clutter and focus on what matters.

We’re a busy team, you’re busy people – we don’t always shout loudly about every new feature. However, you could call our Google Calendar integration the big sleeper hit of the summer. With little promotion from us, it didn’t take long for the Microsoft Office 365 users among you to say, ‘Hey! We’ve heard these Google integrations with Workable really work! What about us?!’

Workable now offers Microsoft Office 365 integration

We take your feedback to heart, so we’re pleased to announce that Workable now offers a Microsoft Office 365 integration too.

The release includes two parts: Office 365 Outlook and Office 365 Calendar.

As with Gmail, the Office 365 Outlook integration allows for seamless communication with candidates via Workable, using your company Outlook email account. Activated by an administrator for your Office 365 account, again, this integration also includes the automatic 2-way sync between Workable and your Outlook inbox. This means that you can send an email from Outlook or Workable, but a full record is kept automatically on the candidate’s timeline in Workable and in your Outlook Inbox. Your hiring team stays up to speed, and everyone can see the information they need. You can work from Outlook or Workable and rest assured that you have all the information you need.


The Office 365 Calendar integration enables faster interview scheduling. Check up on your own calendar, see the availability of your hiring team and schedule interviews faster inside Workable. And just like with email, we offer calendar sync so that events created in Workable are also synced back to your external Office 365 Calendar.

We’re really excited about these updates. The feedback we’ve had so far about our Google Calendar integration has been fantastic. Scheduling interviews and calls is one of the main headaches for hiring managers and recruiters, so anything that can help numb the pain has to be good!

Let us know if you need any help, and how it’s working out for you and your teams.

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