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How our customers use the Workable mobile app

You have to admit it - it’s all digital these days. You, like most people, probably get worried when your phone isn’t beside you. That’s because you rely on your smartphone to catch up on news, check the weather, make online purchases or even manage your bank account. It’s not all bad.

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Content team

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Workable mobile app

Your smartphone is incredibly useful in other ways, too. Imagine being able to make your hiring decisions via your smartphone rather than on a computer or in a face-to-face meeting – Workable enables you to do that.

Since Workable launched its mobile app in 2016, we’ve seen an increase in the number of users month over month, year over year, currently counting 10,000 users in total. As an Account Manager, I have the chance to talk to many of these people regularly. While every company has its own process and every recruiter their own working habits, I’ve found that most of our customers have the same “favorite” features inside the Workable mobile app.

Top 3 popular features of the Workable mobile app

1. Viewing candidate profiles

One of the big benefits of mobile apps is that your phone goes with you wherever you are and you can perform your regular tasks on the go. So, it came as no surprise to me that the candidate profile is the most popular feature of our hiring app. Every important information lives inside the candidate profile and hiring team members can refresh their memory before and after interviewing a candidate.

For example, interviewers have access to candidate data as they walk into the interview – no need to download resumes or assignments. Ben O’Mahony, from Cytora, notes why the mobile app is particularly useful for the busy hiring managers: “They don’t need to see the entire recruiting pipeline at all times. They just need to see who they’re interviewing. And this is quickly done through the Workable app.

2. Moving candidates through the recruiting pipeline

We built the Workable mobile app to help our customers ‘get things done’. So, I was glad to hear that one of our customers, Gary Woodhall from Loyal Retainers, deals with most of his administrative tasks before even arriving at the office: “I read 90% of the CVs on my mobile. I do it first thing in the morning.” Gary, like any busy recruiter or hiring manager, wants to quickly review resumes and move candidates to the next stage or disqualify them, to keep the hiring process rolling. That’s because hiring is rarely – if ever – a one-person job and the faster you make a decision, the sooner you’ll hire your next team member.

For example, right after an interview, you can leave a quick evaluation or a comment that you liked this candidate. Then, another member of your team could step in and schedule a second interview or send a job offer. This helps you reduce overall time to hire and avoid losing a great candidate to a competitor because you didn’t move fast enough. It also allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your job; preparing for the interview itself, building relationships with potential candidates, etc.

3. Managing the calendar (scheduling interviews, communicating with candidates)

A big pain point for hiring teams is scheduling interviews. I hear about this a lot. Forgetting to send an invite, double-booking or exchanging a ton of emails to find a mutually convenient time. These are all problems that can slow down the recruiting process. And these are problems that the Workable mobile app can solve. On average, Workable mobile users send 700 emails per day through the app and schedule 100 interviews per day. That’s great productivity for teams who aren’t even sitting down at their desk.

I mainly use the app for scheduling phone screens and interviews”, Shannon Koski from Pacific Mobile Structures confirms. “I email candidates to schedule an interview but they often respond when I’ve left the office. Having Workable on my phone means that I can see their reply, schedule the interview and save time, as I don’t have to wait until the next day to manage my communication with candidates.

The Workable mobile app could also serve as your “hiring calendar” because it gives you a quick overview of your scheduled interviews. Ben O’Mahony explains: “When I go to into the app, I like that I know which candidates I have to interview later, you can see when they are scheduled for. I love that I can see the type of interview (e.g. if it’s a call or an on-site meeting), because it is not always clear from the calendar invitations.

These are the three benefits of the Workable hiring app, but not the only features. How you use the app is totally up to you and your hiring process. You can simply tackle the administrative tasks, like resume screening; contact candidates and team members when you’re out of office; or manage the entire hiring process through the small screen of your phone.

If you want to learn more about how to use the Workable mobile app, drop me a line at [email protected] or schedule a demo with one of my colleagues. And if you’re already a Workable customer and a happy user of our mobile app, I have a feeling you’ll get happier with our upcoming redesign – stay tuned!

This post was written by Maura McGuinness, Global Senior Account Manager at Workable. 

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