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Maximize your candidates’ experience using Workable

See how you can impact the candidate journey from when they first start looking for work to getting them their offer letter. Use Workable to get the first impression right, and every impression after that too.

Nick DeSimone
Nick DeSimone

Nick is our Senior Product Marketing Manager with a 10-year track record of building best-in-class customer experiences.

candidate experience using workable

Workable was made to enable companies to find and hire the best person for every job. Learn more about how our features come together to put you in control of providing an amazing experience for your candidates.

Manage your recruiting brand, provide clear and frequent communication and help candidates feel at ease so they can do their best. Make those that get hired excited to start and those that don’t interested in coming back in the future.

Bonus: We’re totally mobile-friendly for every step of the candidate’s journey.

The candidate journey using Workable

Finding the job

Be where candidates are. Quickly post to all the most popular job boards, create social ad campaigns and tap in to coworkers’ networks with a referral portal. Plus, design a career page to your specific needs, creating not only a resource for prospective candidates, but keeping things up to date with your latest benefits, employee testimonials, photos, videos and more.


In a hot job market, candidates have many choices. Use Workable to design sensible application forms, making it easy for candidates to apply for your jobs. Workable parses resumes to eliminate the need for applicants to manually reenter details.


Reduce candidates’ stress with clear communication. Take advantage of personalized templates and automations to always keep candidates in the loop through email and text message. Tools for self-scheduling put control in the candidate’s hand meaning time saved when it comes to nailing down a time to meet or rescheduling.


When it’s time to interview, Workable automatically builds landing pages where candidates can see the name, photo and title of everyone they’ll meet with, in addition to a map and directions to the office location or virtual meeting details. Native tools for video interviews and assessments are built with options to customize answer time, number of takes and practice modes. Candidates can get comfortable and do their best.

Document signing

Ready to lock in your next hire? Secure their commitment with a formal, custom offer letter. Upload templates with your own branding and design so that it’s easy to send once approved internally. Candidates can review the details and sign from desktop or mobile. When their signature’s submitted they copy of the document sent to them right away. You’re not just limited to offers. Send documents at any point in the hiring process – especially helpful when NDAs or other forms are required.


Learn more about what your candidates think. Use surveys to gauge reactions and gather intel about your hiring process. Listen to candidates, create more equitable experiences, and better understand demographic information.

Not to mention…

Workable has features for anonymized screening, language options, background checks, integrations with your preferred HR tools, talent pool and nurturing options. We’re evolving and adding more tools all the time.

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