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Workable Next: learn what’s next in hiring and HR tech

At Workable Next 2023, experts unveiled cutting-edge recruitment technology advancements. Emphasizing innovation, the event spotlighted new features in Workable's hiring software, reporting enhancements, and smooth HRIS integration. Upcoming tools include natural language processing and multi-location job postings, promising a more efficient, data-driven recruitment landscape.

Keith MacKenzie
Keith MacKenzie

Passionate about human resources, employment, and business management, and an expert at sharing that expertise.

Get apace with the latest innovations in recruitment technology in the enlightening Workable Next event, held on December 6, 2023. Led by Workable’s top executives – CEO Nikos Moraitakis, newly appointed CRO Rob Long, and CTO Spyros Magiatis – the event served as a pivotal moment in unveiling the future of Applicant Tracking Systems and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS).

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During this engaging session, the trio illuminated the path forward for Workable’s flagship hiring software, emphasizing its continued dominance in the company’s product roadmap. They highlighted the expansion of the engineering team, signifying a deeper investment in developing cutting-edge ATS functionalities and expanding into the HRIS sphere.

This focus ensures that Workable remains synonymous with innovation in recruitment and HR technology.

The event also shone a light on upcoming enhancements in reporting and data analytics within Workable’s ecosystem. With a commitment to delivering a comprehensive and flexible reporting system, the team underscored their dedication to meet the diverse and evolving needs of users.

Additionally, they addressed the ease of migrating data from other HRIS platforms to Workable, showcasing their customer-first approach in facilitating smooth transitions.

Concluding with a forward-looking perspective, the executives discussed the integration of natural language processing in search functionalities and the highly anticipated feature of posting jobs in multiple locations.

These advancements, set to launch in early 2024, promise to revolutionize the recruitment process, offering unparalleled efficiency and precision. The Workable Next event not only highlighted the company’s current achievements but also set the stage for a future where recruitment is more intuitive, data-driven, and inclusive.

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