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Volunteer Coordinator job description

A Volunteer Coordinator is a professional who is responsible for interviewing and hiring volunteers and placing them in different roles based on their qualifications. They maintain accurate records about the progress, manage training courses, work with managers to ensure their needs are met, and help address any issues that arise.

Volunteer Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Sourcing and recruiting volunteers through various techniques
  • Collecting information on availabilities and skills
  • Arranging for appropriate training when needed

volunteer coordinator job description

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Job brief

We are looking for a competent Volunteer Coordinator to recruit and manage volunteers. You will be responsible for allocating responsibilities and retaining the best people.

It takes a competent leader to succeed in this profession. You should know how to distinguish talent and do everything possible to motivate and inspire. You must possess excellent organizational skills and ability to communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and experience.

The goal is to ensure that our organization is always staffed with the best and most reliable individuals, and that they are correctly utilized for the fulfilment of our mission.


  • Source and recruit volunteers through various techniques (databases, e-mail, social media etc.)
  • Collect information on availabilities and skills
  • Arrange for appropriate training when needed
  • Produce schedules for everyday activities
  • Assign responsibilities to the right people for special events
  • Coordinate teams of volunteers for large-scale actions
  • Communicate frequently with volunteers to ensure they are satisfied and well-placed
  • Disseminate information for upcoming actions and events
  • Keep detailed records of volunteers’ information and assignments
  • Εnsure the purpose of the organization and its actions is clearly communicated

Requirements and skills

  • Proven experience as operations director or similar position
  • Experience in volunteering locally and/or internationally
  • Experience in recruiting through various channels
  • Working knowledge of databases and MS Office (especially Excel)
  • Able to communicate effectively with diverse people
  • Excellent organizational and team coordination abilities
  • A pleasant, outgoing personality
  • BSc/BA in business administration, human resources, social studies or relevant field will be appreciated

Frequently asked questions

What does a Volunteer Coordinator do?

A Volunteer Coordinator helps organize all aspects of volunteering, from recruiting new volunteers to promoting opportunities for people who want more hours in their schedule. They're also responsible for keeping leaders informed on administrative changes, schedule changes, and continued training requirements.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Volunteer Coordinator?

A Volunteer Coordinator’s responsibilities include recruiting, training, and overseeing volunteers. They place volunteers based on a leader’s needs and the volunteers' education, experience, and area of interest. A Volunteer Coordinator must also manage volunteer schedules, and organize ongoing training and accurate files on volunteers.

What makes a good Volunteer Coordinator?

A good Volunteer Coordinator must have excellent organization skills since they generally manage more than one volunteer at a time. In addition, they must have exceptional communication and listening skills to understand a manager's needs and match the best volunteer.

Who does a Volunteer Coordinator work with?

A Volunteer Coordinator works with Managers from various departments. Volunteer Coordinators can report to different leaders depending on the organization, such as an Office Manager or HR Manager.

Hiring Volunteer Coordinator job description

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