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‘We’re hiring’ social media post

Hiring social media post

Social networks serve as effective recruiting channels when you post and share your open positions. They help you expand your outreach to people who aren’t necessarily looking into traditional channels for new job opportunities. And, you have the chance to add a more personal or casual tone, if that suits your brand.

Here are some tips to consider when posting a job on social media:

  • Keep it short. People tend to check social networks from their phones where brief posts are easier to read.
  • Make it clear it’s a job post. ‘We’re hiring’ images and bold headlines will likely attract job seekers’ attention.
  • Include important information. Highlight the job title and location and add a clear call to action (like a link to the application form.)
  • Play up your company culture. Based on your company’s digital voice, add a more casual tone to your language or mention employee benefits you offer.

Use the following social media job posting template as an inspiration. Feel free to customize as needed and then post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network you use for recruiting.

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‘We’re hiring’ social media post template

We’re hiring a [Back-end developer] for our [engineering] team in [Boston]

If you like to develop [SaaS applications], are an expert in [Ruby or Javascript] and have a firm grasp of [asynchronous programming], we’d like to talk to you.
To learn more and apply: [link]

[Optional: image or video]

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Frequently asked questions

Is social media an effective way to recruit?

Companies have discovered that using social media for recruiting isn't just a useful way to expand the applicant pool—it's also an excellent way to find great candidates. You can use your social media networks to reach a wider audience to fill available opportunities at your company.

How do employers use social media to hire candidates?

Employers may use social media either to recruit candidates by advertising job openings and targeting certain applicants or to perform background checks to confirm that a job candidate or applicant is qualified for a particular position.

How can employers most effectively use social media screening as part of the hiring process?

Employers might look to corroborate information provided by the candidate, review writing samples, or learn more about a candidate's personal attributes, such as how he or she speaks about their current employer, what organizations the candidate follows, or whether he or she brags about the use of illegal substances.

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