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Hiring Solutions & Resources

Digital transformation & hiring tech

The tech stack for hiring teams is evolving. Are you keeping up with the latest trends? Learn everything you need to know about the recruitment technology out there and how it can revolutionize your hiring processes.

ATS integrations: the benefits and examples

When adding an ATS to your tech stack, it’s worth considering how much it can integrate with your existing softwares and s...

Recruiting metrics

Introduction to Recruiting Metrics FAQ

Intro to Recruiting Metrics What does KPI mean in recruitment? What are recruiting metrics? What can you learn from recruitment ...

Devil in the details: The cost of the hiring process and what you can do about it

Let’s face facts: you want infallible accuracy in ensuring all the minute details fall into the right places and are executed pr...

recruitment automation software

Your recruitment automation tech stack: 10 must-haves

As a result, hiring post-pandemic has suddenly become more complex. Plus, AI and automated processes are becoming more of a stan...

Great Discontent: It’s time to evolve your US talent attraction

Let’s start by looking at how we got here in the first place. We’re in a strange age right now. We’ve seen a volatile transition...

Surviving the Great Discontent - survey report

Evolve your UK talent attraction and survive the Great Discontent

That’s a pretty loaded question, we admit. But it’s an important one. Let’s start by looking at how we ended up here in the firs...

auditing HR workflow

Auditing to improve the HR workflow

HR professionals are no stranger to audits. If you ask an HR professional how they spend the bulk of their time, you’ll he...

post-COVID tech talent

Post-COVID tech talent: the gap and the bridge

The post-COVID job market seems to operate on different logic, particularly in the tech sector. The pandemic-induced digital tra...

4 employee value proposition examples to survive the Great Resignation

Workers are quitting in record numbers this year and it’s causing an already challenging post-pandemic season to be almost unman...

Why Do Companies Outsource Recruitment-01

Why companies outsource recruitment (and why you shouldn’t)

Not every company can do every function. When your company is small, you can’t afford experts in every aspect of the business, s...

How to Calculate the ROI of an ATS

How to calculate the ROI of an ATS: A step-by-step guide

Don’t be discouraged! We’ve got four simple calculations to help you break down the ROI of an ATS and build a rock-solid busines...

recruitment time-saving tips

11 recruitment time-saving tips for the overburdened recruiter

Your workload is mounting as a recruiter, especially as your company gains a windfall from a new funding round, operates in a hi...

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