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MCS utilizes HR technology to search for excellent talents

In the world of recruitment, finding the perfect candidate can often feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, when we at MCS Management Consulting and Selection discovered Workable, we saw a bright light on the horizon.

Elena Di Maio

Elena Di Maio

Communication Manager at MCS Management Consulting and Selection

MCS is a managerial and organizational consulting company that has been collaborating with client companies since 1977 to create tailor-made projects for the Human Resources area.

We specialize in Human Capital, Talent Development, and Talent Acquisition, and as the only Italian partner of Talentor International, we provide daily support to organizations, both in Italy and abroad, looking to enrich their human resources with talents possessing specific and deeply rooted skills. 

We know well that executive search requires particular commitment, sometimes lengthy processes, and real challenges in finding the ideal talent.

Therefore, we take on this responsibility, dedicating hours to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, often facing the difficulty of engaging even those talents who are not actively seeking employment.

In this regard, Workable has proven to be an excellent tool for us to simplify this process, allowing us to precisely identify candidates suitable for the specific needs of client companies, engaging both actively job-seeking talents and so-called passive candidates.

Reason why we shared our working methodology with Workable also with our international Partner during the Talentor Research Round Table.

Our unique methods and processes for attracting excellent talents

Our distinctive approach in the consulting and recruiting sector is based on a combination of innovative processes and unique methods that enable us to attract and select talent with specific and deeply rooted skills. Here are some key elements of which we are particularly proud:

  1. In-depth competence analysis: We use advanced assessment tools to analyze candidates’ skills in detail. This allows us to identify not only technical skills but also, and especially, the soft skills that are essential for success in the specific role.
  2. Artificial intelligence technologies: We implement AI algorithms to match candidate profiles with the specific needs of companies. This allows us to quickly filter a large number of candidates and select those with the most suitable skills.
  3. Networking and industry community: We are actively involved in professional communities and industry networks. We participate in conferences, workshops, and networking events to identify and attract top talent, creating relationships that go beyond the simple recruiting process.
  4. Training and development programs: We offer continuous training and professional development programs for our consultants, ensuring they have the most up-to-date and relevant skills. In addition to classic training, we also use edutainment techniques and role-playing games that stimulate creative thinking and innovative solutions through experiential learning. This allows us to provide our clients with talent that not only possesses current skills but can also adapt quickly to market changes.
  5. Customized selection processes: We tailor our selection processes to the specific needs of each client. This includes structured interviews, assessment centers, and practical tests that simulate real working situations, ensuring that candidates are not only qualified but also culturally fit for the client’s organization.
  6. Continuous feedback and improvement: We maintain a continuous feedback loop with our clients and candidates to constantly improve our processes. This allows us to quickly adapt to market changes and meet the emerging needs of our clients.

These methods and processes distinguish us in the consulting and recruiting market, and we are particularly proud of the results we achieve for our clients.

Our dedication to a personalized approach and the use of cutting-edge technologies allow us to attract and select high-level talent, always ensuring maximum client satisfaction.

Exploring the potential of using Workable

The first standout feature is undoubtedly Workable’s intuitive interface and customization options, which allow us to tailor the recruitment process to specific needs.

From simply inputting crucial role and requirement information, this cutting-edge online recruitment platform seamlessly manages the rest of the process. 

Through targeted distribution, it spreads our job postings across a wide range of online platforms, ensuring broad visibility and coverage.

Thanks to this effective distribution strategy, we reach a vast and diversified number of potential candidates, ensuring that no opportunity is left unexplored in our search for the ideal talent.

Keyword: perfect candidate

Thanks to Workable’s job post distribution feature, our advertisement is distributed across a series of online channels and social media, capturing the attention of a wide audience of potential talents actively seeking new job opportunities.

But it doesn’t end there. Workable offers another essential feature for executive search: keyword search.

With this option, we can identify a broad pool of passive talents, those who may not be actively seeking a job change. Identifying such profiles, characterized by exceptional skills and experiences, allows us to more effectively meet the needs of client companies, offering them a broader and more qualified selection of potential candidates.

The satisfaction of success

Our experience with Workable demonstrates that finding the perfect candidate doesn’t have to be an insurmountable task. With the right tools and approach, it’s possible to streamline the recruitment process and achieve extraordinary results.

Today at MCS, we are able to identify and engage the ideal talent for our executive searches, performing more efficiently, transparently, and rewarding. The experience with Workable has marked a turning point in our role as recruiters, and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results achieved. Workable is exactly what we needed.

Elena Di Maio

Elena Di Maio is currently the Communication Manager at MCS. She is a Marketing Executive Specialist with extensive experience in TTL Brand Communication, Digital Marketing Communication, and Press Office, primarily acquired at a multinational automotive company. In recent years, she has worked as a Web Master, Social/CRM Communicator, and Content Editor. Her specialization lies in designing and managing communication campaigns across OOH, ATL (press, TV, email, social media), and in Event/Exhibition Planning.

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